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Poland: COVID-19 Entry Requirements Travelers Need To Know

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Poland is home to a large number of UNESCO world heritage sites and was quickly growing to become one of the most visited countries in the world prior to the pandemic. 

Poland reopened its borders for international visitors in June as the country looked to start rebuilding its tourism sector. 

Here are all the latest COVID-19 entry requirements and everything travelers need to know before booking their trip. 

Warsaw, Poland. Aerial view Palace of Culture and Science

Temporary Restrictions and Updates For Poland 2021

  • Poland is under lockdown until at April 25, 2021 which has malls, ski hills, etc closed. Hotels will stay closed until at least May 4, 2021. Tourism is not encouraged at this time.

Countries Permitted To Visit Poland

Travelers from the following countries may visit Poland for tourism:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia 
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic 
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg 
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
Warsaw, Royal castle and old town at sunset

COVID-19 Testing Entry Requirements 

Travelers coming from the approved countries list are NOT required to present any COVID-19 tests upon arrival, but presenting a negative test will exempt them from the 10-day quarantine.

Aerial view of the old town of Gnask, Poland
Aerial view of the old town of Gnask, Poland

Quarantine Entry Requirements 

Travelers coming from the approved countries list are required to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival.

Travelers who are fully vaccinated, or who show a negative PCR test will be exempt from the quarantine.

COVID-19 Travel Insurance Entry Requirements 

All incoming travelers should have travel insurance the covers COVID-19 for the duration of their trip to Poland

COVID-19 Health Requirements While in Poland

All visitors must follow COVID-19 health requirements while in Poland:

  • Face masks are required inside public buildings and locations such as churches, cinemas, hair salons, restaurants, shops and public transport.
  • Face masks are required outdoors when social distancing can’t be maintained. 

Poland’s Vaccine Entry Requirements 

The Polish government has announced that all travelers coming from approved countries who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 will be exempt from the mandatory 10 day quarantine.

Vaccinated travelers will need to present proof of an international certificate of vaccine.

Visa Entry Requirements For Poland During COVID-19

All travelers arriving in Poland will need to follow regular visa requirements.

Travelers that require a visa must apply at a Polish embassy/consulate in their home country before traveling to Poland. 

Poland Covid-19 Entry Requirements:

  1. Check if your country is approved to visit Poland
  2. Check if your country requires a visa to visit Poland
  3. Follow all health protocols while in Poland


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Sources: Government of Poland

Disclaimer: Poland travel rules can change without notice and are being updated constantly. The decision to travel is ultimately your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry and/or any changes to travel requirements before traveling.  Travel Off Path does not endorse travelling against government advisories.

Article originally published September 1, with updates

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Tuesday 6th of April 2021

hey Kashlee Kucheran, how are you doing? I been reading article and yahoo new saying Poland is open for tourist. I live in United States and been vaccinated since Feb. Can I visit Poland in June without being quarantine? Is Poland not open for tourist in United States? I'm little confused. Maybe you can help me please. Thank you

Kashlee Kucheran

Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Poland is open to the countries listed in this article Vaccinated passengers from the countries listed are exempt from the 10-day quarantine. The USA is not listed as an approved country at this time


Sunday 28th of March 2021

Would any test work, or is it just a PCR test? One part of the article said any test. The other part said PCR.

K. Pritchard

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Can a Polish national, living permanently in the UK, travel from to UK to Poland to get married in April 2021 and if so what are the quarantine requirement's when arriving in Poland and then arriving back in the UK.

Kashlee Kucheran

Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

The UK just extended a travel ban until July for residents/citizens, but on their official gov website they state what all the exceptions are. You can read that here: (Click HERE to read) Weddings are listed as an exception.

Currently, passengers from the UK are expected to quarantine in Poland for 10 days upon arrival. Weddings are also banned in Poland right now until at least April 9, 2021, but that could be extended.


Wednesday 24th of February 2021

is there a separate list of "approved" list of countries for vaccinated travelers?

Kashlee Kucheran

Thursday 25th of February 2021

Yes, here you go (Click HERE to read)


Monday 28th of December 2020

Is this based on Residence, Nationality or location?

Could I fly to Poland if I'm currently in Croatia even though I'm not a national or resident of Croatia or from any country on the list?

Kashlee Kucheran

Monday 28th of December 2020

We don't know at this time, sorry