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Puerto Vallarta Reopening To Tourists Could Happen In August Says Official

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The director of municipal tourism says that reopening Puerto Vallarta to tourists could take until August. 

Ramón González Lomelí, director of municipal tourism for Puerto Vallarta commented on the reopening in a press conference on current hotel occupancy in the city.

He expects that national tourism will begin to return to the popular tourist destination in August if quarantine measures have been lifted. 

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"In addition to the fact that there is not yet a date for the quarantine to be lifted, hotels and restaurants don’t expect national tourists to return to Puerto Vallarta until August"

He added that foreign tourism returning to Puerto Vallarta could take even longer. By his statement, Lomelí expects that Puerto Vallarta will be open for tourism before international tourists may feel comfortable to do so. 

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"International tourists will be very difficult for us to have again because we remember that the economic blow is not only in tourist destinations but throughout the country and other countries"

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“The United States has also been badly beaten, although their economies are much better than ours, they are very careful not to go on vacation, ” Lomelí added. 

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Occupancy Hits Zero For The First Time In History

During the conference Lomeli stated that for the first time in its history, Puerto Vallarta has a hotel occupancy rate of zero. 

“As for occupancy, we are at zero, we only have one hotel that has occupied rooms and it's not for leisure tourists. It's for business tourism,” said Lomeli.

The only people staying at the hotel are sales agents, buyers and pharmacy and grocery store executives added Lomeli. “In short they are business tourists that come for 2 or 3 days”.

The only hotel currently in operation is the Comfort Inn on the tourist strip. 

Comfort Inn Puerto Vallarta

Lomeli pointed out that some hotels have one or two rooms occupied, and one in particular  has hosted tourists from Singapore for approximately 5 month since when the pandemic broke out and they did not want to travel home.

“They have respected all the guidelines and have followed each and every one of the indications of social distancing and confinement,” explained Lomeli. 

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In the state of Jalisco there have been 347 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 28 deaths. 

Earlier this week The Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council has announced the reopening of Cancun for tourism as of June 1. 

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Airlines from Canada, the United States and Europe have already confirmed their arrivals to the Mexican Caribbean,

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