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Should Americans Be Concerned About U.S. Travel Alerts For Mexico?

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The U.S. Department of State is currently recommending against travel to six states in Mexico, giving them a Level Four – Do Not Travel travel advisory.

Seven additional states in Mexico have been given a Level Three – Reconsider Travel warning.

These travel advisories may give Americans pause when considering whether or not to plan a trip to Mexico.

Mexico Travel Alerts

But should Americans actually be concerned about these travel warnings and avoid travel to Mexico?

Here’s what you need to know about the current travel advisories for Mexico:

“Do Not Travel” Advisories for Mexico

It’s important to note that a Level Four – Do Not Travel alert is not a travel restriction. It just means that the U.S. Department of State strongly recommends against travel to a specific destination.


However, Americans are still free to travel to these places.

Currently, the U.S. Department of State suggests avoiding all travel to six Mexican states: Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas.

While there are certainly areas in each state that Americans would want to avoid, these are places that tourists would not be visiting in the first place.

Applying a broad “Do Not Travel” warning to entire states ignores that there are many places within these states that are very safe and offer lots of tourist value.

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Mexico’s Tourism Ministry has even asked the U.S. Department of State to reconsider how travel advisories are applied.

For example, although the entire state of Sinaloa is designated as Level Four – Do Not Travel “due to crime and kidnapping” threats, there are a number of places in Sinaloa, like Mazatlán, that are very safe and beautiful.

Similarly, Acapulco and Zihuatanejo in Guerrero, the monarch butterfly reserve in Michoacán, and Colima city in Colima are safe for tourists to visit.


“Reconsider Travel” Advisories For Mexico

Like with Level Four – Do Not Travel alerts, a Level Three – Reconsider Travel alert from the U.S. Department of State is not a restriction but rather a recommendation to avoid non-essential travel to certain places.

In Mexico, seven states currently fall under a “Reconsider Travel” alert, including several that are extremely popular with tourists, like Jalisco and Guanajuato.


If American travelers were to “reconsider travel” to these places, they might miss the stunning beauty of the colorful city of Guanajuato or the magnificent beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Once again, these travel advisories lack nuance and are overly cautious regarding destinations that are completely safe for tourists to visit.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Should Americans Worry About U.S. Travel Alerts For Mexico?

According to Kashlee Kucheran, founder of Travel Off Path and long-time Mexico expat, the answer is no:

“I feel that the U.S. Department of State has unfairly placed a Level Four – Do Not Travel advisory on the entire state of Sinaloa, including the touristic city of Mazatlán, which definitely does not deserve such a harsh warning.


I’ve been living in Mazatlán for four years now, and I personally feel much safer here than I do in the majority of the United States. Crime in general, but especially against tourists, in Mazatlán is almost nonexistent. The people here are extremely polite, welcoming to foreigners, and very interested in a peaceful, happy life.”

While it’s always important to exercise caution and take basic safety precautions while traveling in Mexico or anywhere else in the world, Americans should not be scared off from visiting worthwhile destinations just because of U.S. Department of State travel alerts.

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Thursday 1st of December 2022

Where were you government doubters when I wanted to walk in the woods by myself without a mask?

Joe Roberts

Thursday 1st of December 2022

From a Canadian point of view, I’d rather spent my leisure in Mexico than any spot in the U.S.A. Owed a condo in San Carlos for 14 yrs. with no issues travelling through Mexico. Beautiful family oriented people live there. Utah comes in at # 2


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

You failed to mention that Baja California and Baja California Sur are two different states. Cabo is located in BCS, which is not within the Level 3 warning.

Tyler Fox

Wednesday 30th of November 2022

Yes, you are correct. Typo on our part. Thank you!


Monday 28th of November 2022

I think what this article fails to mention is that the destinations themselves are not typically dangerous. It is traveling the roads to and from said destinations that offer opportunity for abduction.


Friday 25th of November 2022

Terrorism is non existent in Mexico, but common in Europe. Terrorists target civilians at random, while criminals only target their competitors leaving all of us in peace. But all the travel advisories ignore that fact.


Thursday 1st of December 2022

@Christian, so the Cozumel ferry bomb want terrorism?