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Spirit Airlines Offering Domestic Flights As Low As $17 This Spring

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If you’re looking to get away this spring but are working with a tight budget, you are in luck because air travel is at an all-time low in the United States.  Spirit Airlines is offering some of their lowest deals yet to multiple locations across the U.S.  The budget airline currently provides flights to 58 domestic locations, with some routes in March and April as low as $17 one-way and many more under the $50 mark.  

Spirit Airlines Offering Domestic Flights As Low As $17 This Spring

Where You Can Fly

Popular hubs such as Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta are part of the flight paths with ultra-low fares, with others such as Portland, Nashville, Phoenix, and Denver in the mix too.  With over 50 destinations across the country, travelers are sure to find a Spirit flight that fits their budget.     

Spirit airlines plane flying with a blue sky background

These departing cities currently have flights to multiple destinations for under $25:

  • Las Vegas
  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia
  • New Orleans

And these departing cities have flights under $50:

  • Nashville
  • Portland
  • Denver
  • Phoenix
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Tampa
  • Oakland
  • Washington D.C.
  • Dallas

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Female traveler standing in front of a departure board at the airport

How To Find The Deals

This is not a specific sale or special fare that Spirit is running, so you will have to search a bit to find these low fares.  There are two ways you can do this – on the Spirit website or through the flight search engine Skyscanner.

On the Spirit website, you’ll need to have a specific destination in mind and an exact date.  Once you search the route, you’ll be given the option to “see more dates” via their low-fare calendar.  This option works if you have an exact route that you need to take and are less flexible with dates.

Spirit airlines flight at the gate at the airport

The other option is great if you’re open to different locations and have flexible dates.  Go to Skyscanner and put in your home airport, then choose “everywhere” as the destination.  You can also choose to search for the entire month of March, April, or whichever month you’d like to fly. 

Then you’ll have a drop-down menu of all the routes in the United States, starting with the cheapest fares.  Once you’ve found the best date, route, and price that works for you, you can click through to the official Spirit website to finish booking your flight.   

Spirit airlines flight taking off at the airport with other planes in the background

What To Know About Extra Fees

To keep fares low, budget airlines typically charge fees for almost everything, including snacks, seat selection, onboard entertainment, and of course, luggage.  This often means no carry-on included, and for these Spirit “bare fares,” that is exactly the case. 

What they do include is a personal item (sized 18”x14”x8”), which must fit underneath the seat in front of you.  If you can manage to pack for your weekend getaway in a small backpack, you can make the most of the savings, but if you have a lot of luggage, the fees could add up quickly.

woman putting her carryon luggage into the overhead compartment on a plane

It’s not always possible to travel light, so be sure to consider your baggage fees when budgeting for your trip, and buy your luggage at the same time as your ticket for the lowest price – the fees go up if you purchase at a later date.  

Carry-on or checked luggage will cost you anywhere between $50 and $80 per bag, depending on the route.  For Spirit, it’s actually cheaper to check your bag than to carry on, so keep that in mind as well.

Spirit airlines flight taking off on the runway with mountains in the background

Other additional fees are seat selection ($15 and up) and food and beverages.  The extra fees can end up being pricey if you have a lot of luggage, but with base fares so low, it could still be a very affordable option versus other more expensive carriers.

You can also join the Spirit Savers Club to get even lower fares, special deals, and discounts on baggage and other fees.

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