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Terrifying Moment RIDE Snaps in Half Killing Two and Injuring Dozens in India

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Shocking video shows the exact moment a carnival ride in Ahmedabad, India snaps in half and comes crashing to the ground. Two people were killed and 27 were injured in the horrific accident. 

The pendulum ride was beginning to thrill park visitors as it started its back and forth swinging motion. As the ride reached a more elevated height the main metal arm snapped in half, collided with its main structure and crashed to the ground.  

There were 31 people on board the ‘Discovery' ride when the accident happened. Authorities confirmed that 27 people were treated at a local hospital and two have died. 

Extremely disturbing images surfaced online of bloody bodies strewed on the ground and people still trapped in thier seats. 

"Twenty-nine people were brought to the hospital out of whom two died while 27 are being treated"

India Ride SNaps in Half Killing 2
Onlookers help to free trapped passengers

Local authorites have announced there will be an investigation into the cause of the accident and find out whether the Kankaria Adventure park had the license to operate the ride. 

“Police, along with a forensic team, reached the spot to find out the reasons behind the accident."

Ride Snaps in Half Killing 2
The moment before the carnival ride snapped in half

At least 14 of the injured are in critical condition, according to the Ahmedabad Mirror, which named the two dead as Manali Rajwadi, 24, and Mohammad Javed, 22. 

“The pipe of the main shaft broke and crashed on the ground. How that pipe broke is a matter of investigation” by forensic specialists"

In the aftermath of the accident, people can be heard screaming and crying as onlookers worked to rescue people still trapped in their seats. 

WARNING: Disturbing footage

31 people accident india aftermath
Aftermath of accident (Credit: Ahmedabad Mirror)

The accident comes after a similar incident in Chennai last month when a giant wheel collapsed at the Kishkinta theme park in Kancheepuram killing one person and injuring nine others. 

With Credit from: The Ahmedabad Mirror & Sun UK

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