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Passenger Goes Viral in Video Using BARE FEET To Operate Plane TV

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A cringe-worthy video on social media has gone viral after a passenger uses his bare feet to operate a touch screen TV on a flight.  

Author Alafair Burke shared the video to her Twitter Monday which has accumulated over 8 millions views, 24,000 retweets and 117,000 likes in less than 24 hours. The post reads “My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter.”

The internet was enraged by the unidentified man using his feet in such an unsanitary manner. 

One wrote “This is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on twitter.”

Another wrote “People in first class look at me crazy for wiping down everything. This is exactly why. Yuck.”

Viral video man using feet
Man uses feet to operate touch screen TV on plane (Credit: Alafair Burke Twitter)

A debate ensued that is was possible the man had mobility issues and was unable to reach the TV with hands. That theory was disproved by Burke who followed up with another tweet. 

The photographer confirms that she saw him walk on and off the plane, carrying his own bag. He just likes to watch TV with his bare feet,"

The airline or plane was not identified in the viral video.

We have made it a healthy habit of always bringing disinfectant wipes to clean our seats and anything we might possibly touch. We know more than ever that it's not just about preventing sickness, it's also about preventing us from touching someone else's feet. Absolutely and positively gross.

Video Man Using feet for TV touchscreen on plane

Last week Naomi Campbell posted a video of her pre-flight routine. Some criticized it as “too intense” but I belive we could all learn a thing or two from the supermodel. 


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