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Thailand to Introduce New Tourist Fee For International Arrivals

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Whilst international travelers arriving in Thailand at present are few and far between, those planning on visiting the Land of Smiles in the near future are to be forced to pay a tourist fee upon arrival.

The idea of countries implementing a fee or tax on foreign travelers is not a new one, with several countries imposing taxes or fees on tourists in one way or another, and has long been under consideration by the Thai government. As the idea goes through the process of becoming an official policy, here’s what we know about it so far.

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How Will Travelers Be Affected?

Thailand has long discussed the notion of a tourist fee, as it looks to find alternative ways to fund the improvements of its infrastructure, facilities and security for tourists. There is a belief that a low fee would not discourage tourists from entering, whilst the current state of the infrastructure may actually put off travelers from making the trip to Thailand. By using a tourist fee to get the facilities up to scratch, it may have a positive impact in the long-term future of tourism in Thailand.

Today’s announcement confirmed the arrival of a policy that many expected to happen sooner or later. Thailand’s Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn announced that each international visitor to the country will have to pay 300 THB ($10 USD). It was also revealed that the fee was scheduled to come in effect last year, but the decision was postponed until this year.

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The money generated from the tourist fee will go towards funding two different areas. One such area, which will be the most immediate benefit to those paying the fee, is for insurance for travelers who fall sick or get injured when in Thailand. According to the Ministry, it will ensure that they are taken care of and given adequate medical care. It is expected that 34 THB from the 300 THB total fee will go towards this insurance.

The other avenue that the money will go down will be to develop local destinations, helping to improve facilities and infrastructure in the places frequented by tourists, providing a long-term benefit to the fee. Further details will be published in the Royal Gazette once the policy takes effect.

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How Much Will This Generate?

The idea of introducing a $10 tourist fee was seriously considered in 2016. Calculations at the time estimated that the country would have generated $380 million, or 12 billion THB – a serious amount of money that would go a long way to making improvements in the country.

United States Drops Thailand Travel Advisory To Lowest Risk Level

Due to the pandemic, the current international tourist figures are much lower than Thailand has seen in recent times. After several years of setting new records, last year saw Thailand welcome only 6.7 million international travelers – a far cry from the near 40 million from 2019. However, the country has set a target of 10 million foreign visitors for 2021, meaning that should the tourist fee be written into policy in the near future, it could still generate a sizable income to help the ailing touristic economy.

Thailand Opens Borders To All Nationalities

Who Can Enter Thailand?

Thailand’s borders are currently open to international travelers, with the country recently widening its entry requirements to allow visa-free entry for many nationalities. Those hoping to enter Thailand must provide a negative-PCR test, before heading into mandatory quarantine once in Thailand. Whilst in Thailand, travelers must take three Covid-19 tests, and are free to travel once they have served their 14 days in quarantine.

Thailand Reduces Income Requirement For Tourist Visa

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Saturday 30th of January 2021

I'd be interested to know if someone can or has successfully applied for the STV from a third country.

amanda murry

Saturday 16th of January 2021

Get rid of the quarantine then more ppl will go to Thailand


Saturday 16th of January 2021

Can we extend our stay after the visa free entry up to 30 days?


Friday 15th of January 2021

No desire to visit Thailand anymore even if they fully roll back these absurd requirements.


Friday 15th of January 2021

The question is does this fee cover if you get sick with covid or not. It's doubtful which means you still need to get that insurance policy to travel to Thailand. Keep in mind this fee will mean you are treated at Thai public hospitals. I've been to them, the doctors are good but they are extremely overcrowded and the doctors don't speak English. If you want to be treated in a private hospital, you still need to get your own travel health insurance. I've been to these hospitals too and they are outstanding. The fee itself isn't a big thing, and to be honest it's nice to know you can get treated if you fall sick even if it's a public hospital.