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The Grosvenor Hotel London – Where To Stay for Luxury and Location

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I beg of you, if you’re looking for the perfect hotel in London, STAY at The Grosvenor Hotel. Make sure you book the Executive King Room and thank me later. You’re in for a blissful stay in the lap of luxury, without the budget-crushing bill.

London is a destination that doesn’t suffer from a shortage of hotels. With over 1000 other choices in the city, I’m so glad I ended up staying at the Grosvenor Hotel.

Grosvenor hotel london

Why I Love The Grosvenor Hotel in London

In the 1800’s, railway hotels were the stomping grounds for the wanderlust elite to enhance their train travel before and after a long journey. Many of them ended up falling into disrepair, but the Grosvenor has been wonderfully restored to its former grandeur. It was built in 1862, just one year after Victoria Station opened.  
Another historical claim to fame of the Grosvenor Hotel- It had the very first elevator (or ‘lift’ for the Brits) in London!

Walking into the lobby, you feel immediately transported back in time.

Club Lounge at the Grosvenor Hotel London

The ROOM - Executive King Suite

Before visiting London, friends warned me about how SMALL hotel rooms usually are. I was preparing myself for sleeping in a glorified closet. Even when I started reading reviews for The Grosvenor, people were mentioning how small the base room was. While the hotels base rooms might fit into the small London standard, the Executive King room is divinely spacious. The rate is not inconceivably different either, so I would suggest getting the upgrade.

King Suite in the Grosvenor Hotel London

The Executive King Suite I stayed in also happened to be a corner room. It looked out one way onto a busy street and the other way over a small park. This was exactly the kind of room that made me feel immersed in all that is London.

The bedroom is massive for London and featured a separate sitting area with table, coffee/tea, desk, and large wardrobe. 
Tall ceilings and long windows with lovely curtains made the room feel very royal. Major ooo-la-la factor. Plus, I’m a sucker for a chandelier.

king suite london grosvenor hotel
where to stay in london grosvenor hotel

The bathroom was so lavish I couldn’t believe my eyes! It even had a clawfoot bathtub and a fogged window that let in beautiful natural light.
(Also, props on the amazing quality of the toilet paper! Sounds strange to mention, but it shows you they don’t spare any expense on guest experience!)

We had a packed sightseeing schedule during our stay, which was a pity in some way, because I really wanted to spend extra time in this suite.

The Cora Pearl Suite

The Cora Pearl Suite Grosvenor hotel

Talking about wanting to stay in your hotel room all day, that is what I would have absolutely done, had I been staying in the Cora Pearl Suite. It's essentially the ‘presidential' type room at the Grosvenor and I can see why. While I didn't get to stay in it, it sure didn't stop me from fantasizing that I did!

This might sound absurd, but I literally have “Stay in the Cora Pearl Suite” on my life goals bucket list.

It's THAT nice.

Lavish French decor from the 1800's, glass chandelier above a claw foot tub…I simply can't look away. If you're celebrating a special event, or just have an obsession with unique hotel suites, staying in the Cora Pearl is a once in a lifetime experience.
Hint, hint if my husband is reading this.

Bathroom in the Cora Pearl Suite in the Grosvenor Hotel London

The Grosvenor Hotel's LOCATION

Kashlee Kucheran at Victoria Station Grosvenor Hotel in London



Palace Rd, 


Directly from the hotel, without even leaving the building, you will find a corridor that takes you straight down to bustling Victoria Station. Basically the most convenient location ever to explore London. To ride the Tube, Victoria Station is located on the District and Circle lines, making it a breeze to get anywhere you need to go.
Skip taking taxis because you can even take an express train from the airport to Victoria Station. (And literally the hotel is attached to it)

Victoria Station London Tube Map

Attractions Near The Grosvenor Hotel

Many top attractions are within a short walking from the hotel. You can easily tour around on foot or take a 5 minute tube ride to places like:

Buckingham Palace

Victoria Palace Theatre

St. James Park

Westminster Abbey

Churchill War Rooms

Houses of Parliament

Grosvenor Hotel the main lobby

Book The Grosvenor Hotel London
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