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The Must Have Women’s Travel Accessory My Wife Absolutely LOVES

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For weeks my wife kept talking to me about a travel accessory that she absolutely NEEDED to have. I shrugged it off as my wife likes anything super cute to do with travel. I was in luck…err I mean “sad” for her as this so called “must have” new backpack was sold out.

All joking aside (I like to make her happy), I checked out the backpack she was talking about and was acutally pretty impressed … I mean as impressed as a guy can be with a woman's purse thingy. This was more than that though. It had features that were super practical for our travels and I knew it would look pretty cute on her. She was finally able to get one by ordering in advance for the next shipping date as they kept selling out soon as they arrived. 

New Backpack From Arden Cove
My wife Kashlee was right... cute and keeps her belongings safe while traveling

The backpack came with locking zippers that stop pickpockets, slash proof lining, RFID blocking technology to keep credit cards safe, it's waterproof and has cut proof straps. Rather than just being a cute backpack, it had purpose. My number one priority as we travel is the safety of my wife and her belongings, so anything that helps with that, I'm totally down.  

We've traveled the world for the last five years and have been victims of theft and credit card fraud on more than one occasion. This is just one more added layer of security that gives Kashlee peace of mind and honestly, me too knowing her belongings are way more protected. As they say… happy wife, happy life!

As we head off to Mazatlan for six months, I'll have way more peace of mind knowing her belongings are better protected this year. That and maybe the fact I won't have to carry them. (Just kidding honey, you know I love to carry your things) . She also got the wallet/convertible belt bag with the same protection that the backpack offers but obviously more compact for when she doesn't need to carry as much.

Any husbands out there looking for a sure fire way to make your wife super happy this Christmas? You honestly can't go wrong with this backpack. Kashlee absolutely loves it and I feel better knowing her belongings are safe. My advice is go for the backpack. She can't stop talking about how much she loves it and is constantly using it now for everyday use, rather than just for travel. The backpack is exclusively available on Arden Cove for $220. 

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