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These 5 European Countries Offer The Best Digital Nomad Life Without Breaking The Bank

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Knowing where to go is always tough no matter what type of traveler you are. Some stick to the same annual vacation each year to avoid this conundrum, but what's the fun in that when there is a world to be explored?

Digital nomads understand this more than anyone and put in the research to make the right decision.

Beautiful young girl working on her laptop in park during cherry blossom season. Young woman in famous Park of Sceaux near Paris, France. Freelance, distance learning or remote work concept

Typically, if locals love their quality of life, that will transfer over to digital nomads too. By using the Human Development Index (HDI) metric, the folks at Tech Report put together an insightful list of the top European countries with the highest quality of life.

We've dissected it with a fine-tooth comb and are excited to share which destinations are the best for digital nomads without breaking the bank.


The average monthly income in Italy is under $2900, so that should be the benchmark for digital nomads considering this iconic country.

In order to be comfortable, that salary level should hit the mark. You will actually be one step ahead as Italy's unemployment rate is considered high.

Moving here, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant streets through world-class art and culture all across the country.

Or you can be cheesy and pretend to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That has definitely never been done before.

Italy has great weather and is considered quite safe, so venturing around should be no issue as long as you remain aware of your surroundings in most cities.

vibrant street in burano italy


This island nation has been trending with travelers as of late into one of the premier beach getaways of the Mediterranean.

This underrated gem offers a high quality of life, with the main factor being one of the safest countries in all of Europe.

Besides its stunning beauty, the culture is reminiscent of the Greek Islands, with a laid-back atmosphere, phenomenal food, and delightful wine. Can't you picture indulging yourself after work hours?

To live comfortably here, remote workers may need to hit a monthly mark of just $2387 as it's one of the most affordable beach destinations in the region.

beautiful beach in cyprus


France requires a higher salary to be comfortable, but it's also the most visited country in the world. So, it has to be worth it, right?

The monthly income benchmark is $3523 to live comfortably. However, France has an excellent work-life balance where the joys of life outside the office are highly prioritized in their culture.

Typically, France is considered quite safe as well, which is always important for digital nomads. However, for anyone planning to visit soon, just know there is an active travel security alert for the massively popular country.

charming street with eiffel tower in the background


Austria is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Vienna's architecture alone will leave your jaw on the floor, and that's even before epic Christmas markets take place.

The country is clean and safe and has a very high life expectancy among locals. Digital nomads can come here to live a full life, even if it's just a pit stop onto somewhere else.

Given its central location in Europe, Austria is an awesome place to visit in its own right, but it doubles down as a gateway to other amazing destinations.

The country is more affordable than one might think too. Remote workers need a monthly income of just $2674 to live a comfortable life here.

gorgeous church in vienna


Slovenia may not come to mind as a top destination in Europe, but it will blow your mind in terms of natural wonders and rich culture.

With neighbors of Italy, Croatia Austria, this country is in good company and also makes for a great gateway to explore more of Europe.

Slovenia is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature through its lush mountains and crystal-clear lakes, all while staying on a budget.

Travelers seeking a less-crowded, more tranquil getaway need a monthly income of just $2336 to live comfortably in this underrated country.

city center of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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