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These 5 Hostels Were Voted Best In The World For Digital Nomads

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As travel continues to surge worldwide, many of us choose not to stay at the ritzy Four Seasons or JW Marriott but at a hostel instead.

Hostels can be found almost anywhere. Some are better than others, but typically travelers don’t choose a hostel for the glitz and glamour.

women in a hostel

These often smaller, less accommodating places to stay are more popular for solo-trippers and are a staple in common backpacking destinations like Europe.

Maybe you will share a room with a snoring stranger. Or will you be assigned a bed that might as well be a rock?

There are some horror stories with hostels. However, there are many that are quite surprising in the best ways and extremely comfortable with what they offer travelers.

In a new world of remote workers, those who have taken the plunge into Digital Nomad Land need certain amenities to have a comfortable work environment on the road.

The folks at the popular online hostel agency, Hostelworld, put together the best of the best in select categories.

Known as the Hoscars, these awards showcase the top hostels in the world. 

For 2023, these are the best hostels for digital nomads:

Ostello Bello Assisi Bevagna

Located in the small town of Assisi in Italy is one of the top 5 best hostels for digital nomads, according to Hostelworld.

@tannergstein Stay at Ostello Bello in Italy! #italy #travel #traveltok #hostel #cheaptravel #traveltips ♬ Sun Bed – David Staniforth

Largely in part due to its prime location in a medieval village, this hostel takes you back in time while also embracing the new age of digital nomads.

Guests can take in the sights with ease at its central location near famous art, outdoor activities and the wonders of the scenic countryside.

When remote workers decide to stay in and focus on their tasks, this hostel offers private accommodations with modern work desks and convenient kitchen with the latest upgrades.

The best part of all is this haven for digital nomads offers complimentary food!

Once work is finished or the free food is all gone, guests have access to a pool and barbecue grill for a perfect ending to a stressful workday.

Mayan Monkey Tulum

The Mayan Monkey Tulum is true to its name, as it is located in one of Mexico’s most popular getaways.

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@es.valgasca 10/10 🌟 @Mayanmonkeyhostels #tulummexico #hostelrecommendations #mexicotravelguide #tulumvibes #hostelreview #hostallife #solotravel #viajarmexico ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

It’s no wonder why digital nomads flock to this particular hostel, as it offers the perfect setting for work and play.

This hostel has fully embraced remote work and runs a promo for extended stays for this purpose.

Guests can receive hefty discounts for making this work wonderland their new home away from home.

Digital nomads can take full advantage of spacious work desks, comfortable chairs, soothing lights and of course, air conditioning on a hot Mexico day.

Most importantly, the Mayan Monkey is set up with ultra-fast Wi-Fi for those Zoom calls we all love so much.

When it's time to relax between tasks, guests can visit the bar and restaurant to network with other remote workers or just your typical travelers passing through.

U.R.D.Ki Hostel

If your vibe is a well-stocked pretty pink house in Goa, India, then this is the place for you. Equipped with super-quick Wi-Fi, this is one of the most reliable places to work remotely in India.

It will take strong willpower to get work assignments done here because they offer many tempting amenities.

Those who love to get lost in a good book will not be disappointed with the library-like selection. And those who love to bide their time with video games will be thrilled to know there is a Playstation 4.

The cafe on-site will help keep workers alert, and the community kitchen has all the bells and whistles for a lunch break.

Goa is an under-appreciated city ready to be explored. Guests here will have easy access to transportation and be provided with discounts on local grub.

Viajero Bogotá Hostel & Spa

@caroo.linaa En viajero Bogotá, el mejor circuito hidrico de la ciudad 😏🧖🏾‍♀️ #planesbogota #quehacerenbogota #Viajarporcolombia @marketing.elviajeroh ♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

The capital of Colombia is a sight to behold in itself, and it's no surprise why travelers come here since it's so friendly to digital nomads.

Viajero prides itself as a balance between work and play. The hostel provides shared, yet very comfortable, spaces to work.

Fast Wi-Fi is accessible for work projects, as well as office supplies are available to anyone. Powering through the workday might be tough, knowing there is a spa on the premises.

Saunas, massages, steam baths, you name it, and this place has it!

Tribal Bali

The Digital Nomad Winner of the 2023 Hoscars is Tribal Bali of Canggu, Indonesia. This is Bali’s first of its kind co-working hostel. WIEIAD at Tribal Bali! #coworking #bali #nomad #canggu #wieiad #travel #traveltiktok #work ♬ Sad Songs In The Summer – Olivia O'Brien

What stands out about Tribal is the open layout and welcoming nature to digital nomads. Sometimes when we think of a typical job, we think of dividers or cubicles in and office setting.

Tribal is the antithesis of this it’s openness. While guests are hard at work on their laptops, they can daydream of hopping in the immaculate infinity pool overlooking Bali’s beautiful rice fields.

The hostel offers a wide selection of games, both indoor and outdoor, to network with new work buddies or friends you have already made.

Perhaps the number one reason this hostel is the clearcut winner of the Hoscars, is that every single guest is guaranteed a space to work. It's that simple.

Tribal is well known for their signature Tribal Tonics and world-class coffee to get their worker’s creative juices flowing.

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