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These 5 U.S. Airlines Are Most Likely To Bump You From Your Flight

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At this point, everyone knows that flying nowadays can be a less than pleasant experience.

With more and more reasons piling up making traveling by air more of a headache, travelers are trying their best to be extra cautious when traveling as to when, where, and who they fly with. 

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The good news is that some airlines keep winning accolades for their on-time performance, customer satisfaction, and more, and some airports as well also rate highly for keeping travelers happy while they wait for their flights. 

However, for every positive list that comes out regarding the flight industry in America today, there seems to be another one highlighting an issue and rating the airlines based on how they stack up. 

From losing luggage to flight delays and cancellations, you can find the data on almost everything today, so planning ahead and trying to find the best airlines is now a normal part of trip planning. 

Now, a new Air Travel Consumer Report has ranked the U.S. Airlines which have the most instances of bumping passengers from flights. 

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What is “Bumping”?

In a nutshell, bumping happens when airlines oversell their seats in anticipation of no-shows, all the passengers end up showing up, and the airline then ends up with an oversold flight. 

When this happens, the airlines first ask passengers to volunteer to be bumped, usually in exchange for some compensation. If nobody is willing to be bumped, then the airlines must deny certain customers boarding. Oftentimes this means the customers who have checked in last, or even based on the fare they paid or their frequent flier status. 

Note: It’s important to remember your rights as a traveler, especially if you do end up getting bumped in the course of your travels. 

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These Are The 5 U.S. Airlines That Are Most Likely To Bump You From Your Flight:

(based on figures from January thru March 2023)

1. Frontier Airlines

  • Bumped Voluntary: 3,395
  • Bumped Involuntary: 2,442

According to the new report, for every 10,000 passengers booked, Frontier bumped 3.73 of them because of overselling tickets. Frontier’s bumping rate is much higher than any other U.S. airline. 

Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 with the Grizwald the bear livery approaching O'Hare International Airport

2. Envoy Air

  • Bumped Voluntary: 1,079
  • Bumped Involuntary: 138

Formally called (and still flying under the name of) American Eagle Airlines, Envoy Air is the largest regional airline that currently services American Airlines. They are the second worst bump offenders, with a rate of .45 passengers per 10,000. 

Closeup of Envoy sign on the building at its headquarters in Irving, Texas, USA. Envoy Air Inc

3. Spirit Airlines

  • Bumped Voluntary: 4,127
  • Bumped Involuntary: 444

Tying with Envoy Air we have low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines, which has a bump rate of .45 passengers per 10,000. Spirit is one of the U.S. Airlines that really divides people, gaining fans for its low fares but constantly getting mocked on social media for its no-frills approach. 

Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 aircraft

4. PSA Airlines

  • Bumped Voluntary: 714
  • Bumped Involuntary: 108

Up next we have another American Airlines regional airline, the Ohio-based PSA Airlines, with a bump rate of .43 passengers per 10,000. 

Sign in front of the Corporate offices for American Eagle Shared Services Organization including American Airlines Group, Piedmont Airlines, PSA Airlines, and OneWorld

5. American Airlines

  • Bumped Voluntary: 4,864
  • Bumped Involuntary: 1,123

With two of their regional carriers already on the list, it might not come as a huge surprise to see American Airlines coming in at number five on the list of the U.S. airlines that are most likely to bump you from your flight.

With a bump rate of .33 per 10,000 passengers, American Airlines is the large U.S. airline that’s the most likely to bump you, voluntary or not. 

American Airlines Airbus A320 airplanes at Phoenix airport

Finishing off the top 10 U.S. Airlines most likely to bump you from your flight we have:

6. Skywest Airlines

7. Republic Airlines

8. Southwest Airlines

9. Alaska Airlines

10. Jetblue Airways

The data in this new report includes U.S. domestic flights and international flights that departed from the U.S. but does not include passengers who were denied boarding against their will for other reasons.

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