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These Are The 10 Best Cities For Digital Nomads This Spring According To New Study

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Spring has always been considered the season of new beginnings, so for those looking to pack their laptop and explore someplace new and exciting this 2024, now is the perfect time to finally finalize those plans.

As flexible and freeing as digital nomadism is, though, choosing that perfect place to call home for the next couple of months (or even years) is never easy.

woman in park guell

That’s why it’s always a good idea to rely on data-backed studies that do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Design Rush, for example, just released its newest ranking of the 10 best cities for digital nomads in the world right now, a list based on criteria such as cost of living, internet quality, healthcare services, legal obligations, and tax rates – all of which are essential to consider for remote workers looking to relocate.

The findings were fascinating.

One European country clearly dominated the list, and there even was a U.S. city that made the cut for those who want to keep their travels domestic this 2024.

Temple Sacred Heart of Jesus on Tibidabo in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Madrid, Spain

Spain has repeatedly made news these last couple of months for being one of the best, most popular destinations for digital nomads, so it wasn’t all that unexpected to learn that its stunning capital topped the list compiled by Design Rush.

With a rich cultural heritage, dynamic business environment, dreamy climate, abundant co-working spaces, and more attractions than you can imagine, Madrid is a fantastic choice for those who want to spend this spring soaking in that iconic European city charm.

aerial view of madrid

The public transportation system is well-established and prices are pretty reasonable considering where you’re living.

While by no means a cheap city, Madrid is still more affordable than many other European capitals, including London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, and even its Spanish sister, Barcelona.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Speaking of which, Barcelona follows Madrid as the second-best city for digital nomads in the world.

park guell, barcelona

But what is it about Spain that makes it such a great country for remote workers?

Well, it’s a combination of factors – things like political stability, a great healthcare system, high safety standards, reasonable prices, stunning sights, and the fact that digital nomads only need to show proof of earning €2100 a month to qualify for a visa all contribute to its allure as a digital nomad hotspot.

This all applies to Barcelona, too.

aerial view of Barcelona

Here, you can spend your days lounging around the picturesque beaches, admiring the colorful architecture, and indulging in the fantastic local cuisine that’s guaranteed to impress even the pickiest eaters.

3. Tampa, Florida

The only (and proud) representative of North America in today’s list is Tampa, Florida.

With its sunny weather, white sandy beaches, and fascinating cultural scene, the city promises to make your dreams of working from somewhere hot and exciting come true.

tampa, florida skyline

And as Tampa’s tech sector continues to grow at an impressive rate, you won’t struggle to find new professional and networking opportunities, either.

4. Las Palmas, Spain

If you thought we’d heard the last of Spain, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The dreamy European country comes with yet another city on today’s list – Las Palmas, which, while a bit lesser-known than its counterparts, still offers digital nomads everything we’ve discussed so far and more.

aerial view of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Here, the laid-back atmosphere creates an even more productive environment for those who can’t stand the chaos of Madrid or Barcelona.

Don’t worry, though; the sights and cuisine are just as amazing.

5. Toulouse, France

Famous for its pink terracotta buildings that make you feel like you’ve jumped out of a fairytale, Toulouse is a digital nomad’s paradise, complete with reliable public transportation, impeccable food, and a burgeoning startup system.

bridge and river in toulouse france

The idyllic landscape perfectly encapsulated the region’s relaxed atmosphere, so for those trying to find that balance between work and the French art de vivre, it really can’t get any better than this.

Rounding Up The Top 10

Since Spain didn’t leave much room for other countries to get represented in the top 5, below, you’ll find the rest of the cities that were included in Design Rush’s list – and, good news for those uninterested in the places they’ve seen so far, none of these are located in Spain, France, or the U.S.:

Honolulu Resorts

6. Honolulu, Hawaii

7. Lisbon, Portugal

8. Bari, Italy

9. Bologna, Italy

10. Rome Italy

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