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These Are The 10 Safest Countries To Visit In The World According To New Report 

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Travelers look for different things when choosing their next vacation destination.  

Some will want the best sun, sea, and sand. Others might be looking for a destination with a sense of thrill and adventure.  

But one of the most important things for a destination to be enjoyable is whether or not it is safe.  

These Are The 10 Safest Countries To Visit In The World According To New Report

Safety can be defined in a whole host of different ways. But the experts at Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection consider a destination to be safe if it’s largely free from terrorist activity and disease outbreaks and somewhere that all people are able to travel freely without discrimination or harassment.  

Using this definition, they have come up with a list of the safest places to travel. The research was compiled by using the Global Peace Index, the State Department’s travel safety ratings, and safety scores from GeoSure Global.  

These are the 10 safest countries to visit in the world:  

10. Spain

Spain is an incredibly popular vacation destination thanks not only to its beautiful beaches and rich, culturally fascinating cities but also because of its laid-back Mediterranean attitude.  

Spain has a very low crime rate, although it is important to be aware of pickpockets in major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.  

Apart from this, Spain is a very welcoming and accepting country, meaning it is a great place to visit.  

view of Barcelona, Spain

9. Germany

Germany might not be an obvious choice for a European adventure but it is a country that offers something for everyone: stunning scenery, rich architectural history, exciting nightlife, and modern cities.  

Germany is famous for its efficiency, so you can expect to find a country that is orderly and clean. It also has a relatively low crime rate and excellent transport links.  

Hooliganism directed at LGBTQ+ and people of color was noted in the report, but these rare incidences are the exception rather than the rule.  

A Woman Admiring A View Of Freiburg Im Breisgau During Wintertime, Germany, Western Europe

8. Denmark

In terms of the number of crimes committed in the country, Denmark is ranked as the second most peaceful country in the world, with the number 1 spot going to Iceland.  

It is also considered to be the happiest country in the world right now.  

Like in any major tourist destination, travelers should watch out for pickpockets, but otherwise, this is a safe country to visit.  

Boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark

7. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its beautiful canals, significant historical landmarks, and vibrant nightlife.  

This time last year, the Netherlands took the number 1 spot in this same report. The reason it’s no longer top of the list? Pickpocketing 

This is a very real issue in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam. Travelers are advised to keep their valuables safe and not to travel with too much cash on them at once when in the city.

Cyclist Point Of View Picture As They Ride Through A Bridge Spanning A Canal In Old Town Amsterdam, The Capital Of The Netherlands, In The Holland Region, Europe

6. Australia

Australia has reopened and is back in business for tourism.  

Visitors are returning in their droves to see the country’s beautiful beaches and spectacular wildlife, and to experience the empty wilderness of the outback.  

What makes Australia so safe is its incredibly low homicide rate and welcoming attitude to all visitors. But beware of the weather and the wildlife. From jellyfish to crocodiles and poisonous snakes, it can feel like every animal you meet in Australia is trying to kill you!  

Sydney Opera House And Harbour In Sydney, Australia

5. Canada

Its vast expanses of natural beauty such as mountains and glaciers make Canada a top tourist destination for visitors from around the world.  

Its attitude to safety helps too. The crime rate in Canada is very low and its low population density also helps to ensure this country maintains an excellent safety record.  

There is a low incidence of gun-related crime and violent crime rates are also relatively low.  

Rocky Mountaineer train rides through Canada

4. Norway

Mountains, fjords, whale watching, and partying at the end of the day. There are many reasons to visit Norway and it is considered a bucket list destination by many.  

It's an extremely safe place to travel and great for solo tourists too.  

The main safety concern is to be aware of pickpockets in Norway. Oslo Central train station in particular is considered a hotbed of pickpocketing activity and travelers should remain alert when passing through the area.  

Aurora borealis over Hamnoy in Norway

3. New Zealand

Its diverse and unspoiled scenery makes New Zealand a must-visit destination. The beauty that you will find here really can’t be exaggerated.  

But New Zealand is also an incredibly safe place to visit too.  

According to the Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection report, the main safety concern that travelers need to be aware of is falling foul of border control by bringing agricultural products into the country.  


2. Iceland

Iceland is a breathtakingly beautiful country with vast areas of untouched wilderness. You can see the Northern Lights here and will find wild nature at every turn.  

Iceland is the least populated country in Europe and has an average of just 82 criminal incidents reported per day. That’s less than most U.S. cities experience in an hour!  

Like Switzerland, the weather is the most dangerous thing you will encounter in Iceland, and the roads can be icy, particularly in the winter months. This means that road accidents can be a real risk in the country.  

Stykkisholmur colorful icelandic houses.

1. Switzerland

Swiss watches, Swiss army knives…and Swiss safety. Switzerland is famed for being a safe and secure vacation destination. Travelers visit for skiing, hiking, and incredible Alpine views.  

Switzerland is considered the safest country in the world because violent crime is so rare in the country, and there is almost no terrorist threat either.  

The main risk you might face in Switzerland is conventional Alpine hazards. These include avalanches and blizzards, which are common throughout the year.  

Aerial view of Train passing through famous mountain in Filisur, Switzerland

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Saturday 7th of October 2023

Quite informative but..It's always better to double check the currents'situations...good people'will be always enlightening others in order to minimise risks.



Friday 6th of October 2023

How come none of them are in asia


Friday 6th of October 2023

When you say "safest countries" then there should be no pickpocketing as well but most of the places mentioned in this article have this issue. There are many Asian countries that are safer than the ones listed here.


Sunday 8th of October 2023

@Dodo, yes agree with you. The writer of this article forgot Singapore, one of the safest county city in the world.


Friday 6th of October 2023

S.Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada are just as safe, if not safer, than those in the list.


Friday 8th of December 2023

@Jack, Canada was number 5....

e wit

Wednesday 4th of October 2023

gee what do they all have in common..????white people