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These Are The 10 Safest Destinations For Solo Travelers According To New Report

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Solo travel has absolutely exploded in popularity.

Travelers of all ages and genders are choosing to travel alone rather than wait for someone to travel with or compromise their dream trip.

Solo travel is fun and exciting with no one to answer to but yourself. But it also raises more safety concerns than traveling as part of a group.

Woman looking to Hofburg complex in Vienna. Female tourist traveling in Austria

With that in mind these are the 10 safest destinations for solo travellers according to a new study:

5. Austria

Austria may not be an obvious vacation destination but if you’re looking for bustling cities that are safe enough to walk around solo alongside idyllic landscapes then it’s the perfect spot.

Vienna and Salzburg are the jewels in Austria’s crown.

Both busy city spots offer a safe and welcoming atmosphere and you’ll find incredible architecture, delicious food, and incredible museums and attractions to explore.

Climber looking at a snowy mountain landscape in a sunny winter day. Austria

The low crime rates in Austria’s cities are a huge attraction for solo travelers. Another factor that makes the country appealing is that most people speak English here so if you do need help it’ll be easy to find.

Active travelers will be attracted to Austria for its reputation as a world-renowned ski destination.

The only safety concerns to worry about is the avalanche risk if you choose to ski off-piste or falling off your skis if you’re new to the sport!

4. Norway

Scandinavian countries have a well-deserved reputation for safety and Norway is no exception. It is considered officially one of the safest countries in the world.

Crime rates are extremely low and Norway is an open and welcoming country. You’re more at risk from the environmental conditions in the country than from any man-made factors.

traveler with backpack hiking in Norway mountains

What makes Norway so fascinating is how diverse the country is. Travelers can explore cosmopolitan Oslo or adopt a slower pace of life in picturesque Bergen. Norway is a nation of extremes.

Explore incredible fjords, take hikes off the beaten track, or kayak through clear, cold waters.

While the local people here can be reserved and aren’t known for their small talk they do have a strong sense of community and will welcome travelers, especially those traveling alone.

3. New Zealand

The 3rd safest country for solo travelers according to the report is New Zealand. There are so many reasons why New Zealand is a great pick for those flying solo.

The local people are warm and friendly, there is no language barrier for U.S. travelers, and crime rates in the country are very low.  

woman travel enjoy at Mt. cook national park in New Zealand

New Zealand is considered safer than Australia for solo travelers and as an added bonus there are no dangerous animals wandering around.

Outside of Auckland, New Zealand is fairly sparsely populated but despite this it’s an easy country to get around.

Hiring a car is a popular option and a great way to safely get off the beaten track and explore the peace and tranquillity of the country.

2. Iceland

Like Norway, Iceland is a Nordic country with an excellent safety record. The Land of Fire and Ice has so much to offer to solo travelers.

Solo traveler in Iceland in Winter

Iceland is a great year-round destination. In the winter travelers can experience the Northern Lights and in the summer they can experience the midnight sun. It really is one of the most beautiful natural countries in the world.

But Iceland has so much more to offer than just nature. Laid-back towns, surprisingly bustling cities, and a rich and compelling history make Iceland a fascinating solo destination.

Because Iceland boasts one of the lowest crime rates worldwide, and the lowest rate of violent of crime of any country in the world, it is a great choice for solo travelers planning their first solo trip.

1. Japan

Travel to Japan is hugely popular right now. The country is currently breaking all tourism records which is remarkable given they only reopened their borders post-covid in the past 12 months.

As well as being a popular destination in general Japan is also regularly listed as the safest and best spot for solo travelers taking the number 1 spot in this study.


Japan has one of the best public transport systems in the world that makes exploring the country easy. It’s also a place where being alone is celebrated and considered a cultural norm. In some places you may feel out of place if you eat, drink or travel solo but that’s not the case in Japan.

It is a country that boasts endless beauty and tranquility, hyperactive modern cities, and where solo travelers rarely have to worry about being harassed by local residents.

There are many great reasons why Japan is such a great and popular spot for solo travelers.

The Complete List

Safety is a great factor to consider when choosing a vacation destination particularly if you're traveling solo.

solo traveler

The complete list of the 10 safest destinations for solo travellers according to this report is:

1. Japan

2. Iceland

3. New Zealand

4. Norway

5. Austria

6. Canada

7. Singapore

8. Switzerland

9. South Korea

10. Taiwan

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Thursday 23rd of November 2023

This list is decidedly *white* sprinkled with stereotypical safe/quiet minority locations for flavor. Highly disappointing. Brown counties are safe for solo travelers too 🙄


Thursday 30th of November 2023

@Ang, please do share the other "safe" cointries that are brown.

If the countries on this list were deemed safe and backed by evidence, there is no need to slam them for being white or yellow.

Francois Williams

Tuesday 21st of November 2023

How can NZ ever be in the top 100 ? I mean it has a long list of gruesome murders on solo female travellers 😆..