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These Are The 5 Most Popular Digital Nomad Destinations Right Now According To Travelers

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Digital nomadism is at a new peak of popularity in 2024 with a majority of destinations not only lifting entry restrictions for remote workers, but easing migration paths: as reported by the World Tourism Organization, over half of all countries are offering Digital Nomad Visas.

It's never been easier to hop around the globe and be location-independent as it is now, whether you're taking a sabbatical year or going at it for the long-term, but where exactly are nomads most keen on relocating to, and which spots tick all the boxes for them?

Aerial view of the Zócalo or Plaza del Zócalo, the common name of the main square in central Mexico City.

Thanks to Nomad List, the leading platform for digital nomads online, we know where travelers are flocking to, and they can't seem to get enough of these five gems in particular:

Mexico City, Mexico

Coming in at number five, the sprawling national capital of Mexico is a world-renowned cultural melting pot where vibrant ethnic neighborhoods, colorful street markets, verdant parks, and some of the finest examples of traditional architecture await.

Nomads love CDMX for how affordable it is – according to previous visitors, it costs on average $1,962 per month to live there – and the variety of work-friendly spots it offers, from the vast selection of quirky, tourist-friendly cafes to well-equipped coworking centers.

A Smiling Digital Nomad Working From Mexico City, Mexico, Latin America

Safety is another huge plus for foreigners relocating temporarily to Mexico City, as it is relatively safe compared to broad Latin American security standards, as is the weather: it is fairly warm year-round, with winter temperatures rarely dropping below 70°F.

Medellin, Colombia

South America for the win: Medellin charts at number four on Nomad List‘s popularity ranking, and taking into account the low cost of living, the thriving expat community that now calls the Colombian hub home, and its lively, youthful scene, we can't say we're surprised.

Medellin is the country's second-largest urban concentration, famous for its modern skyline, busy nightlife zones, rich Antioquian diet, which combines elements of native Andean and Iberian (Spanish) cuisine, and surrounding coffee plantations.

Medellin Cityscape, Antioquia, Colombia, South America

It is also one of the cheapest digital nomad destinations globally, with nomads spending $1,584 on average per month to live in Medellin. The only major downside is how unsafe it has become in recent years, with violent crime and drug trafficking on the up.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A South American favorite, elegant Buenos Aires peaks currently at number three on Nomad List: serving as the Argentine capital, it is best known for being the birthplace of tango, its European-inspired Belle Epoque city-building, and its unrivaled food scene.

Whether you're based in Palermo, the hippy stronghold, Puerto Maderno, the go-to spot for trying some of BA's award-winning steakhouses, or Recoleta, the laid-back, upper-class district dotted by palatial structures, you'll end up enamored with the Paris of the South just the same.

A Digital Nomad Working From A Cafe At An Unspecified Location

Luckily for culture-buff nomads, Buenos Aires is a lot cheaper than its French equivalent, with travelers having reported spending a median of $1,635 for every month they stayed in town, thanks to affordable eating and decent Airbnb pricing.

Plus, it is the safest capital of the Global South.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand's second-largest and moated walled settlement littered with ancient temples and boasting UNESCO World Heritage Site status, Chiang Mai is once again proving it's a strong contender for global digital nomad capital.

It is extremely safe, with very little crime reported. It has a wide availability of long-term rentals – including youth hostels, guesthouses, and private villas – and you could truly never exhaust your dining options, especially when staying in the historical Old Town.

Wat Phra Singh Temple In Chiang Mai, A City In Northern Thailand, Southeast Asia

Based on the latest figures compiled by local publication One Stop Chiang Mai, there are around 40,000 foreigners ‘from dozens of countries' who have set up base in the Thai city, and we suspect that the fact it costs $1,026 per month to live there may offer some explanation for the popularity boom.

Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to digital nomad preferences, Thailand's Bangkok is officially the most popular, or top-reviewed destination on Nomad List, scoring ‘great' in nearly all relevant subcategories, including ‘Community score', ‘Cost', ‘Internet', ‘Fun', and ‘Lack of crime'.

If the incessant humdrum of a big metropolis doesn't faze you, and you can get used to excess humidity, you will find Bangkok is an extremely exciting place to be: much like New York, it never sleeps, and the cultural wealth is on a par with many European capitals, except it is safer and fits the budget.

Pickpocketing is uncommon across Bangkok, assault cases are so infrequent they are statistically irrelevant, and the median $1,435 per month required to live in Thailand's number one city makes it an even more attractive alternative to the overpriced, increasingly dangerous Western World.

Tourist Admiring The View Of A Temple Across Bangkok River, Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia

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