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This Gorgeous Latin American Country Is The Safest To Visit This Fall

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Latin America is one of the world's most fascinating subcontinents, best known for the warmth of its people, the biodiversity, and its plurality of cultures.

Regrettably, it is not well-reputed for being exactly safe, or in the very least, stable.

Several countries in the Global South are still plagued by soaring crime rates, including Brazil and Colombia, two of the most popular tourist destinations, while Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the like still suffer from severe political instability.

Aerial View Of Central Buenos Aires With The Landmark Obelisk And Traditional Historic Buildings, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America

As a result, a majority of LatAm countries are not considered ‘safe' by U.S. authorities, featuring on the State Department's ‘exercise caution when visiting' list. Interestingly, one country in particular has escaped this classification, being awarded the title of safest in the group.

This fall, Argentina is where you should be headed to avoid the rising crime in LatAm:

Argentina Stays At Level 1 This Fall

Famous Colorful Building In The Cobblestoned El Caminito District, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Believe it or not, Argentina is considered the safest destination in Latin America, listed by the U.S. Department of State as a Level 1 destination – but what does this even mean?

To those of you who are not familiar with the States' travel advisories, different territories are ranked based on their risk level, with low-risk, traditionally safe destinations added to Level 1, countries where crime is present, and thus more caution is urged featuring on Level 2, and then finally, Levels 3 and 4.

At Level 3, Americans are advised to reconsider travel, either due to ongoing unrest at the destination in question or the fact that criminal gangs will see them as easy targets for being tourists. The highest alert level (4) usually refers to unfriendly states, such as Russia and North Korea.

Skyscraper District In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America

Perhaps surprisingly, Argentina is a Level 1 destination, meaning it is as safe as a number of European countries traditionally perceived as perfectly safe, namely Iceland, Finland, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Some may feel inclined to dispute this claim, as Argentina has been stuck in a crippling recession for years now, the politics are unstable, and unemployment rates are high, a dangerous combination that often results in chaos, as seen recently in neighboring countries.

While the Argentine economy has indeed seen better days, the country's economic downfall has not necessarily translated into civil unrest.

Buenos Aires Is Incredibly Safe

A Smiling Couple Embracing In Central Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America

At a time when Peru enforces nationwide lockdowns due to disruptive protests and political opponents turn up dead in Ecuador, Argentina has remained largely unaffected by the bloc's surging crime rates.

According to Buenos Aires mayor Horacio Laretta, ‘crime rates are at their historical lowest', with Buenos Aires ranking as the safest capital city in Latin America and the safest in the entire Americas, behind only Ottawa in Canada.

In 2022, it registered a total of 88 murders, 14% lower than in 2019 and the lowest figure in nearly three decades. Car thefts, armed robberies, and petty crimes have decreased as well.

Couple Dancing Tango On The Streets Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

As Laretta added', ‘everyone who lives in and visits Buenos Aires can be calmer than ever‘. Locals continue expressing their concern, mostly due to the politicization of the topic, but there's no denying Argentina is in a better position than its neighbors, especially Brazil.

Robberies and theft remain the most common crimes reported in the capital city, with over 55,000 each in 2022, and this number may sound alarming, but we must take into account Buenos Aires is a huge metropolis, home to over 15 million inhabitants and the crime rate per 100,000 is still very low.

Safe Does Not Mean Crime-Free

A Tourist Carrying A Camera And Backpack Having His Wallet Stolen Unbeknownst To Him, Pickpocketing In Europe

With that being said, it's important not to let your guard down, as individuals with malicious intent can be present even in the safest of countries.

When walking in Buenos Aires, make sure you do not display unnecessary signs of wealth, avoid deserted areas after dark, and keep a low profile.

You are highly unlikely to be approached by criminals or have personal items stolen in any case, but general safety advice will help you maximize your protection, even though the State Department clearly states that Americans should exercise ‘normal precautions' in Argentina.

The Casa Rosada Seen From The Adjacent Public Square In Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Crime in Argentina most often refers to bag snatching in public spaces, such as crowded squares or public transport, so make sure you keep a close eye on your belongings and do not leave them on table tops when dining alfresco, nor unattended.

Then again, this same advice would apply to first-time visitors to any other large city, like New York or Paris.

Why Visit Argentina

Other than being extremely safe, Argentina is one of the most fascinating countries in Latin America, as the birthplace of tango and the world capital of football.

European Style Buildings In Buenos Aires, Capital Of Argentina, South America

Buenos Aires is perhaps the prettiest Latin American capital, what with its wide boulevards, evocative of Europe's most stately cities, and Haussman-inspired architecture.

The Bohemian, cobblestone-laden ‘Caminito' district is popular for its public tango performances and colorful murals, while the trendy Palermo, named after the capital of Sicily, is the go-to foodie hotspot in the city, boasting a high concentration of churrasquerias and Italian-owned restaurants.

Away from the capital, other popular destinations include Mendoza, at the heart of Argentina's wine country, notorious for its art deco building sand charming European-style plazas, the underrated Cordoba, jam-packed with 17th-century colonial gems, and Bariloche, a budget ski destination.

View Of Mount Fitz Royal In A Glacial Region Of Argentina, South America

Argentina is also incredibly affordable for U.S. tourists due to the devalued national currency – the Argentine peso is a lot weaker than the American dollar – and the lower cost of living compared to most of the U.S.

Though you can go well above that, particularly if you're eating exclusively at Michelin-star restaurants and sojourning in five-star rooms with a view, popular travel website BudgetYourTrip estimates that $26 per day is enough to get by in Argentina, based on the average daily expenses of visitors.

Argentina Is Easy To Travel To

Masculine Hand Holding Up A Glass Of Wine With A Vineyard In The Background, Argentina, South America

Finally, Argentina is easy to travel to, with nonstop flights linking a number of U.S. cities to Buenos Aires, with Miami, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, and Phoenix, to name a few, and relaxed entry requirements.

Unlike their larger neighbor Brazil, Argentina does not require tourist visas of Americans, allowing them to stay for an initial 90 uninterrupted days without applying for a travel permit in advance.

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Wednesday 4th of October 2023

El Salvador is safe now thanks to president Nayibe Bukele. It's the land volcanoes, the best surfing waves and great coffee. Not to mention the delicious pupusas.


Monday 25th of September 2023

I think it's highly insulting and also another reflection of the arrogance of the United States to be the self proclaimed arbiter of safety... to place a travel advisory for safety when the united States ranks number 2 for homicides in the americas just below Brazil for homicides (if you read the world peace index the united states ranks 131 out of 163 countries for peace and safety ranked much lower than almost all countries in the Americas) I would not pay any attention to any warnings issued by the United States... Your odds of being a victim of crime are much higher in the united States vs other countries in the Americas (aside from Brazil which has 3 times the number of homicides thsn the states with 57k homicides vs us that had 18k last year... I have lived in LATAmM for 5 years now and have not been the victim of any crimes...meanwhile I lived 40 years of my life in new York and have been a witness to acts of terrorism, I was in a mass shooting in a mall,witnessed the police murder my neighbor had metal detectors in school due to gang violence, have been robbed multiple times, been car jacked, things I have never had to encounter while living in central America. But rather than report factual info the US wants to keep it's people ignorant and afraid of LATAM and further perpetuate negative stereotypes. Shameful


Wednesday 27th of September 2023

@CM, thank you for your insightful comment- its absolutely correct, thanks for creating awarness !!


Wednesday 20th of September 2023

Hello ... I agree with you that Latin America is one of the most beautiful continents in the world. I am currently in Nicaragua for a short stay and I absolutely love the country. I feel very safe here and the people are very friendly. You should consider adding Nicaragua to your of countries to visit in latin America. I'm looking forward for some positive replies on this, thank you and have a great day 🇳🇮😊🇳🇮❤🇳🇮


Saturday 7th of October 2023

@John, welcome to Nicaragua we are in Granada we totally agree. Thanks for your visit.


Saturday 7th of October 2023

@MarthaRuby, Marty we live in Nicaragua since 2015 and we are in the safest country of Latin America. One has to remember state department is political in its rankings. ARGENTINA is safe indeed.


Sunday 24th of September 2023

@John, agree I’m from Nicaragua and every year I travel there 4 times a year. Sorry for the article but Nicaragua 🇳🇮 and others Latin America. countries are very safe to stay. Enjoy the beauty of Nicaragua Linda. MarthaRuby