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These Are The 6 Most Affordable Caribbean Destinations

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The Caribbean is one of your best bets this time of year for a sun-soaked vacation away from the bitter cold temps in the U.S.

On paper, the Caribbean seems straightforward, as if you know what you're gonna get.

But not every Caribbean destination is the same.

beautiful day in martinique

While it's true you can count on pristine beaches and lavish resorts, the fun part about booking a trip to the Caribbean is deciding whether to follow the crowd to mega-popular destinations or venture into a lesser-known paradise, as so many islands are often overlooked.

Far & Wide did some digging for us all to find the most affordable destinations for a dreamy Caribbean vacay.

These are the 6 most affordable Caribbean destinations:

6) Dominica

Dominica has been elevated on traveler's radars as one of the most underrated Caribbean getaways.

hidden waterfall in jungle of dominica

Lost in the mix of household names, Dominica will rock your socks off with its stunning beauty both inland and along the shore.

Although not as unfamiliar as it once was, this mountainous island still feels untouched. Rather than lounge around at your typical beachside resort, exploring the vast hiking trails is a must in Dominica.

You never know what hidden gem you'll find, but travelers love stumbling upon waterfalls, rivers, and a plethora of wildlife.

Travelers should expect their daily budget to come out to just a hair over $200.

5) Martinique

remote beach in martinique

Martinique surely doesn't come to mind when you whip out your credit ready to book a Caribbean getaway…but you should.

Being a top 5 most affordable Caribbean getaway, seeing your credit card bill in the mail won't give you anxiety.

This rugged French territory is a stunner with its gorgeous unspoiled landscape and incredible beaches. Martinique is perfect for an “a la carte” vacation where you can pick and choose anything you'd like.

Between sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing or exploring the charming capital Fort-de-France, you can get by with a daily budget of $179.

4) Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

beautiful beach in saint vincent

Making a trip to this lesser-known island will make you feel as if you're Jacques Cousteau. With over 30 islands and cays to explore, the adventure never ends.

Your main stops with will between the two namesakes where the biggest island, Saint Vincent, is home to most of the action, while the Grenadines is an idyllic treasure trove of hidden gems.

Princess Margaret is an absolute must on your visit, where you'll never want to leave the pristine white sand.

Vacationers should expect a daily budget of $165.

3) Dominican Republic

bavaro beach punta cana

While some hidden Caribbean gems are a steal of a deal, some of the most popular destinations in the region are quite affordable as well.

The D.R. is one of them, where travelers can visit vacation hotspots such as Punta Cana or explore stunning islands off the coast.

Many choose to splurge their vacation budget on all-inclusives, and rightfully so, but venturing outside the hotel grounds is a whole other world of amazing culture and sites.

Tourists can explore this popular country with a daily budget of $142.

2) Jamaica

beach resort jamaica

Another household name, Jamaica, is a draw for many reasons. Yes, Jamaica has sun, sand, and affordable prices, but no Caribbean country may be as welcoming to tourists as Jamaica.

This beautiful island nation can be explored in a variety of ways, but many choose to stay at luxe beachside resorts from Negril, Montego Bay to Port Antonio.

The beaches are not the only draw, however. Tourists can find coffee farms, spring-fed pools and stunning mountains.

No matter how you choose to explore Jamaica, expect not to spend more than $131 per day.

1) Cuba

vintage car in havana cuba

It's safe to say Cuba is a bucket list destination for many Americans as there have long been travel restrictions making it difficult to visit.

While much of the red tape has dissipated, it's still not nearly as easy to visit as, say, The Bahamas. However, it can be done, and it's definitely worth a trip to this timeless historical island just a stone's throw from Florida.

Cuba has gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and some of the cheapest prices in the Caribbean. Coming out to just $41 per day, you not only save a fortune but can also feel good about where your money is going, as much of Cuba struggles with poverty.

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David Zinger

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

You missed Provedencia. Isolated. Great pricing. 3rd largest coral reef in the world. Blue water. And just a few handful of tourists. You missed "the boat" on islands.


Tuesday 30th of January 2024

The Dominican Republic is a filthy, dirty, disgusting place. The ocean has trash floating in it everywhere. The beaches are full of sewage. Many tourists get sick there. Crime is high. Pushy hawkers selling junk everywhere. I have visited 14 Caribbean countries and the Dominican Republic is the worst one I have experienced.


Wednesday 31st of January 2024

@Jay, I agree. There are some nice beaches. But not worth the money. When staying at a five star all inclusive the Service was terrible and the food not much better. We will not go back.