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These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive U.S. Airports To Fly Out Of Right Now

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On top of the anticipation and excitement of exploring other parts of ‘The Land of Liberty', charting a course to find the most reasonable domestic airfares for exploration across the U.S. is often longwinded and challenging.

Luckily, recent rankings from FinanceBuzz shed light on the busiest American airports that supply the most cost-friendly domestic flights alongside a list of ones that make wallets wince.

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The Top Five Most Affordable U.S. Airports for Domestic Flights

To save U.S. travelers the time and trouble of finding a budget-friendly airfare, here are the top 5 inexpensive American airports, as per the report:

  • Harry Reid International Airport (LAS): Topping the charts with a basic national airfare cost of just $264.24, Las Vegas's airport LAS is a frequent frontrunner, holding the title of being the “most affordable airport” almost every year since 2018.
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): Hitting second place is Florida's airport FLL, with domestic airfares most commonly costing $271.78, claiming the crown as the most affordable airport in 2021.
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  • Orlando International Airport (MCO): In third place, Orlando's MCO stands close in the competition, with airfares across the U.S. costing just a bit more than FLL: $273.35.
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK): Fourth in line, still hovering below the $300 mark, is OAK, with American airfares typically costing $288.23.
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW): Wrapping up the budget-friendly list, with national flights costing just over $300 is MDW in Chicago, with standard fare prices costing $303.05.

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Five U.S. Airports with Sky-High National Travel Fees

On the flip side, FinanceBuzz touches base on the five most costly U.S. airports for flights nationwide. Notably, the airports that command above-average prices are:

  • Dulles International Airport (IAD): Flights typically cost around $494.78 for a single domestic flight, bringing Washington's IAD airport to the top of the list as the airport with the heftiest prices.
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO): In the second spot is San Francisco's SFO, traditionally demanding $456.86 per flight across America.
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT): Thirdly is North Carolina's CLT, displaying an average fair of $444.42 for trips across the United States.
  • Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and Portland International Airport (PDX): An unusual deadlock in the fourth position is Detroit's DTW and Portland's PDX, with joint top-tier in-country fare costs of $425.35.
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Fluctuations of In-Country U.S. Airline Fares

In the endlessly adapting aviation world, airport costs are a critical indicator of trade movements and preferences of jet setters. For this reason, FinanceBuzz also delves into year-on-year shifts of American airports, with some, in particular, significantly rising in affordability — alongside others doing the opposite.

Across the country, 45 of the nation's busiest airports have raised their prices by an average of $50.67 from 2021 to 2022, with many other airport prices skyrocketing above that amount.

According to FinanceBuzz's findings, San Diego International Airport (SAN) has climbed by 16 points regarding affordable airfare since a study last year due to lowering airplane ticket prices. Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) follows behind, improving its position by 11 places by doing the same.

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Conversely, Charlotte Douglas International Airport increased in price more than any other airport by $87.82 yearly — greater than Dulle's hefty $86.70 rise.

Moreover, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) hit a low over raising its prices by more than $82.12, alongside Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), with airfare tickets costing an extra $80, causing the airlines to sink by nine positions.

These price alterations highlight the ever-changing nature of the aviation industry, showcasing the need for travelers to remain informed and vigilant before planning their journeys and spending their cash.

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Becoming a Thrifty Traveler

Because airfare costs vary and change often — even within the same airport — it's critical to fly smart! To achieve such goals, purchasing a travel card is a great idea.

This is a great way for travelers to save a considerable amount of money, with some airports offering extra perks, like free flights for frequent flyers!

Another tip is to monitor airfares due to them fluctuating regularly. So, watch the airline websites and add notifications to land the best bargains.

Apps like Google Flights and Hopper are perfect for setting alerts, enabling travelers to check at the best deals around the clock in real-time.

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Soar Through Travel Savings

The busy U.S. skies are an adventure in itself — especially when touching down to find the best domestic airfare deals. From top-notch deals by Harry Reid to pricey fares at Dulles, there's a flight for all budgets and nomads.

So, U.S. travelers, before planning your next stateside venture, be sure to check out the cheapest airports to get more bang for your buck, tap into helpful apps like Hopper and Google Flights, and invest in a travel card for extra perks.

As in life, it's always useful to be a step (or flight) ahead. So, with this information, enjoy your forthcoming journey hassle-free without breaking the bank!

For those wanting to travel long-haul, be sure to check out these top 8 airports worldwide.

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