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These Are The Top 3 Most Popular Asian Cities For Solo Travelers

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Getting the squad on the same page for a trip can be a daunting task, so more and more travelers are saying, “why wait?”.

Venturing out into the world on your own is brave, therapeutic, and one of the biggest trends in travel right now.

Would you rather be eating ice cream on the couch watching your favorite re-runs or exploring an exciting new destination?

female solo traveler at korean palace

The latter sure seems a lot more fun, even if you are your own company. There are amazing places to explore all over the world, but some more than others are better suited for solo travel.

Asia has long been popular for adventurers who stuff a backpack and head out on their own. Agoda released the top 3 most popular Asian cities for this crowd, so let's take a look!

“Going on a solo trip is arguably one of the best gifts one can give oneself. Whether it is to explore new cultures, to make new friends, or to reconnect with those across the globe, going on a trip alone often requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

But those who set out on an adventure of their own are usually rewarded with the creation of the most special memories.”

Associate Vice President at Agoda, Enric Casals
solo traveler with backpack

3) Seoul, South Korea

Without a doubt, one of the most vibrant cities on the continent, Seoul is a solo traveler's dream. Filled with rich culture and endless things to do and see, there's no worry you'll be spending idle time alone.

Reaching Seoul is a long journey, but direct flights from the U.S. make the trip a lot more tolerable. Upon landing, solo trippers may have sensory overload with flashing neon lights, smells of rich food and all the other sights and sounds that embody a cultural metropolis.

One thing travelers should feel certain of here is safety. Seoul is one of the safest major cities in Asia, something that should always be on travelers' minds.

bright lights of seoul

Wandering alone will be a pure joy rather than feeling the need to look over your shoulder. In fact, the public transportation system is known for its easy connectivity.

You can hit up trendy neighborhoods, such as Gangnam, and enjoy the finest Soju or visit ancient palaces for the perfect selfie to show your friends who missed out.

2) Bangkok, Thailand

Oftentimes, travelers venturing off to Thailand are seeking a mix of culture and wondrous natural attractions like the country's phenomenal beaches.

tourist at thai temple

But, at the very least, Bangkok always seems to be a stop on a Thailand itinerary, and rightfully so. Bangkok is nonstop action at all hours with fewer bright lights than Seoul.

The city itself is a wonderful place to explore and highly affordable. Solo travelers tend to have a strict budget, but that budget can be stretched a little further in Bangkok.

Must-sees are the wide range of gorgeous temples, the sensational night markets, and riding a tuk-tuk to Chinatown.

Outside the city in the countryside are multiple elephant sanctuaries worth a visit to meet and greet gentle giants and even more markets for a taste of delicious local cuisine.

tourist at bangkok river

1) Tokyo, Japan

If you think Seoul is sensory overload, Tokyo may be tenfold! Travelers can never get enough of one of the world's largest cities.

Solo travelers will find one of the most polite cultures imaginable, where hordes of people gather, yet it's quiet as a mouse.

This immaculate city is full of contradictions, but that makes experiencing a new culture all the more mesmerizing.

bright lights of tokyo

Why is it acceptable to slurp noodles but impolite to talk on a packed subway? Just another one of life's mysteries…

There may be no place larger, safer and culturally fulfilling as Tokyo. Your budget won't last as long here, so a hostel or capsule hotel is your best bet.

Spend your days eating copious amounts of unrecognizable street food, wandering back alleys and zig-zagging through crowds to take in all the overwhelming sights of the city.

Tokyo is super techy, yet still offers beautiful traditions and historical sights, such as temples that have stood the test of time.

alleyway in tokyo

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