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This Unknown Asian Island Is Aiming To Become The Next Digital Nomad Hotspot

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If there is one bright spot to the last few years of restrictions and working from home, it's that it opened up more opportunities for remote workers to see the world.

Now that the pandemic has come and gone, bosses worldwide have had to extend their leash to their employees, allowing more freedom to work from home.

“Work from home” can actually take on multiple meanings. Does your boss really need to know where you're posted up?

Droning Siquijor Island Philippines Asia

As long as work tasks are completed, then who cares? Remote workers have been on a tear all year, finding amazing destinations to call home and then moving on to the next.

Many seek affordability, accommodating workspaces, and fun places to stay busy outside of work hours.

There is one place off the grid you most likely have never heard of that checks off those boxes. It's aiming to become the next digital nomad hotspot.

Fancy a trip to Asia? If so, this exotic, unknown island in the Philippines is calling your name.

Welcome To Siquijor

@yna_pacheco Inlove with this place 🥹🤍 #siquijor #siquijorisland #fypシ ♬ original sound – jaz!

The Philippines offers a wide range of attractions for many types of travelers, but perhaps nobody is more suitable than digital nomads.

This beautiful country has what every digital nomad is looking for in a new destination to call home. It's not only affordable but offers many cultural experiences, whether in the bustling city of Manila or its thousands of scenic islands.

There has been a push to attract more digital nomads throughout the country, with the more commonly known island of Cebu leading the way.

@janedimapilis_ No, this is not Bali. Welcome to Runik Siquijor #siquijor #philippines #philippinestiktok #travel #traveltokph #travelph ♬ original sound – Labrinth

However, the Philippines has many islands that go overlooked, including Siquijor, which is absolutely stunning.

You may even question why you chose Bali, Asia's ‘best island', instead of this Filipino treasure. Located within close distance to Cebu, that will be your most efficient gateway to get here.

The next best option is a combination of a short flight from Manila plus a ferry from Dumaguete. It will be an adventure to get here, but the journey pays dividends.

As the saying goes, “if it were easy, everybody would do it”.

Siquijor Is A Dream

@keejayv My favorite spot I’ve found in Siquijor! Yes, I live for this kind of view 🌊🌴🧗 Pitogo Cliff is located along the San Juan highway. You can romanticize your life here in this breathtaking view for just ₱30. 😆 Check my latest Siquijor Solo Travel Guide in my feed to see more of the island. #Siquijor #SiquijorIsland #Philippines #traveltiktok #solottravel #solotravelph #PitogoCliff ♬ Summertime sadness x Promiscuous by Altegomusic – ALTÉGO

If only it were more accessible, this dreamy island would be so much more popular. Of course, the Philippines is not without its controversies, but the country is ready to tackle digital nomadism head-on to become a top destination for remote workers.

Coming here, you may scratch out “Maldives” on your travel bucket list and check off “Siquijor” instead. Why it's as unknown as it is remains a mystery, but it's time to be unleashed to the public.

Those who have been absolutely love it and have nothing but glowing reviews of their experience with comments like, “I never wanna leave this place” and “the most beautiful island I've been to”.

@kyarafionaaa Secret beach in Maria, Siquijor 🏝️ the place is really a must visit, grabe worth it kaayo ang long ride🤞 #siquijor #siquijorisland #secretbeach ♬ original sound – kyaraatienza

From the world-class seaside resorts and pristine beaches to the postcard-perfect waterfalls, it's hard to find a downside for tourists.

The island is the ultimate place to relax for those seeking pure bliss as it's easy to find your own private space in nature, whether venturing out to waterfalls or going for a swim or cliffside swinging into the crystal blue sea.

You can even stay in a one-of-a-kind jungle hut on vacation rental platforms, such as Airbnb. While so many other amazing islands and beach getaways are invaded by tourists, Siquijor is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

@travelrienchen Things to do in Siquijor! ☺️ Feel free to add more activities in the comments! Would love to come back! ❤️ #siquijor #visitphilippines #tiktokph #itsmorefuninthephilippines ♬ Live Your Beautiful Life – Gray Griggs

How The Philippines Caters To Digital Nomads

Asia is home to some of the top digital nomad destinations in the world. The Philippines have taken notice and want to join the club.

A digital nomad visa has been in the works, but it hasn't mattered since many remote workers already call this country home.

Many ventured off to the Philippines during the pandemic to live cheaply and work freely while having many exotic wonders in close reach.

@bridgeandjosh Wfh office in the phillipines #phillipines #travel #traveldestinations #wfh #traveltiktok #islandlife #siquijor ♬ unforgettable – user

Cebu has been gaining popularity amongst digital nomads for it's beautiful tropical location, plentiful workspaces and affordable cost of living.

There are many places in the country destined to become more known to remote workers on the go, but Siquijor wants to be next.

In fact, the only major concern is offering reliable internet, which will soon be alleviated with the impending installation of fast speeds provided by Starline.

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