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These Are The Top 5 Greek Islands To Visit This Summer Without The Massive Crowds

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Greece is arguably one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. As one of the more historical places in Europe, it's not just their deeply engrained culture that stands out.

Looking beyond the delicious food, wine and unique architecture of city life are over 200 gorgeous Greek Islands to choose from.

church in santorini

Many tourists opt to go to the more well-known islands such as Mykonos, Santorini or Crete

While there is nothing wrong with staying on the beaten path, there are lesser-known islands that offer a wonderful experience to those willing to give them a chance.

Here are 5 Greek Islands to visit this summer without the massive influx of tourists:


Many visitors to Greece will arrive in the capital city of Athens. The city makes for a great gateway to other destinations within the country.

It’s no different for the islands. Just over a couple of hours away by cruise lies the affluent island of Spetses.

boat in spetses greece

While it is in close proximity to Athens, it might be just far enough to avoid the day-tripper crowd.

Those who come here will be welcomed by picturesque palm and cypress trees with beautiful blue water as a backdrop from the main square.

Red tile-roofed homes line the streets where visitors will find themselves in a maze of waterfront walkways to take in the magnificent views.

Visitors are encouraged to walk or bike to have the best experience of the small island, as it it mostly free of motor vehicles.


Lying west of the more popular island of Santorini is the beautiful island of Milos. This highly underrated escape has approximately 80 miles of coastline full of amazing views.

A volcanic eruption formed the island and its countless wonders, and the best way to experience Milos is by kayaking in the sea.

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village in milos greece

Travelers will be able to experience its jaw-dropping colorful features along the coast. 

The volcanic ash has left behind a one-of-a-kind yellow beach, red and yellow cliffs, and blinding, bright white rock formations.

Plaka, the capital of Milos, is home to museums where famed sculptures are on display. There are many archeological sites to explore, including renting an off-road vehicle to Profitis Ilias.

This is the highest point of the island, reaching almost 2500 feet for the ultimate view of unbelievable scenery.


Those wanting a glimpse of the past of the old ways of Greek life should come to the island of Kythira.

Located to the south of the Peloponnese region of Greece is a small island where time seemingly stands still.

traditional greek home in kythira

Instead of getting your morning Caramel Macchiato fix at Starbucks or staying in a Hilton, tourists will find a more old-school way of life.

Cozy, family-owned inns will line the town and beachfront, waiting to warmly embrace their guests.

Traditional tavernas and kafenios will welcome visitors for an authentic bite to eat or a fresh cup of coffee.

This idyllic island is contagious with happiness in taking in the simple pleasures of life while enjoying the magnificent surrounding landscape of green hills and blue waters.

tourist taking picture of olympos in greece


Set between the more commonly visited islands of Rhodes and Crete lies a tiny postcard-perfect island of Karpathos.

Visitors will find scenic tree-lined coasts and pristine white sand beaches to enjoy a relaxing day. Some would say the people of Karpathos are stuck in their ways, or maybe they have found the perfect balance.

This reclusive island of the Dodecanese region essentially belongs to a different era. Those willing to embrace Greek traditions will love it.

greek women in traditional clothing

Perhaps the best feature of the island is the cliffside town of Olympos, where the sparsely populated island holds on to its traditional lifestyle due to its remote location.

Tourists will discover local women donning classic Greek attire, such as colorful folk dresses, long skirts, embroidered outerwear, and leather boots.


Ikaria is one of the most remote islands in Greece. They are also one of the Blue Zones, where residents tend to have much longer life expectancies than the rest of the world.

Over 90% of Ikaria’s inhabitants live into their 90’s, and many cross the century mark as well.

This island is unapologetically stunning at every turn in terms of surrounding scenery and culture.

There are multiple ways to reach Ikaria, but it is actually closer to Turkey than mainland Greece.

seychelles beach in ikaria greece

Visitors here should be prepared that, although life expectancy tends to extend years and years, time spent on the island goes slow.

Cafes may open whenever they feel like it, or maybe not open at all. Life here is to be enjoyed and not overindulged with material things like much of the Western world.

Many locals do not even have a phone. They are self-sufficient and tend to their gardens, producing their own wine and olive oil, which is a huge staple in daily life.

Ikaria is a truly unique destination where travelers can leave with a new sense of well-being. 

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