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These Are The Top 7 Trending European Destinations To Visit For 2024

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As the year swiftly comes to an end and travelers look forward to their 2024 adventures, new cities and regions are emerging as Europe’s trendiest hotspots, beckoning visitors with sunny shores, culinary delights, and dynamic urban energies.

woman in Naples, Italy

Mabrian, a travel intelligence agency that focuses on getting ahead of the industry’s newest trends, recently conducted a study on the interest modern-day travelers are showing toward international destinations.

The study took into account more than 380 million social media mentions over a 10-month period in search of the most coveted European destinations of 2024.

These were the findings:

1. Occitanie, France

The stunning region that graces the shores of Southern France is probably best known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from the sun-soaked beaches of the Mediterranean to the rugged beauty of the Pyrenees.

Le Grau-du-Roi, a resort on the coast of occitanie region in France

Here, you can explore the historic marvels of Toulouse, the fairytale-like landscapes of Carcassone, and the vibrant markets of Montpellier.

As travel trends morph and evolve, tourists are starting to steer away from overcrowded landmarks and seek to indulge in outdoor adventures and breathtaking views instead, of which Occitanie has plenty.

2. Campania, Italy

Though the name “Campania” might sound unfamiliar to many, the gorgeous cities that dot the region are anything but unknown.

The Southern Italian gem is home to Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and the archaeological wonders of Pompeii and Herculaneum, just to name a few.

View of Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Considering the many visitors looking to experience the Insta-famous views of Positano and foodies excited to try pizza in its truest, most authentic form, it comes as no wonder that travelers will be flocking to Campania this upcoming year.

3. North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

While the allure of Southern European escapes is undeniable, those seeking a more vibrant urban experience might have a better time in North Rhine-Westphalia, an imposing German state that homes some of the country’s most coveted attractions – Cologne and Düseldorf included.

aerial view of Cologne, Germany

City trippers will find this to be their haven.

Between the iconic Cologne Cathedral, Düsseldorf's Media Harbor, and the unparalleled cultural energy of Bonn, your North Rhine-Westphalia will be anything but dull.

4. Lombardy, Italy 

Italy’s second entry on today’s list is famously home to the dreamy, iconic Milan, though those looking to experience the country beyond its biggest hotspots will still have a chance to explore the region’s many, many off-the-beaten-path towns that still pack a kind of old-timey charm.

A good middle ground between the buzzing streets of Milan and the entirely unknown hidden gems that dot the area would be Lake Como and the historic cities located just a short drive away, including Bergamo and Mantua. 

lake como italy

Beware, however, that the streets in this side of Italy are not made for novice drivers – they’re narrow, uneven, full of turns, and a good percentage of them are cul-de-sacs you can only get out of if you’re a master of reversing.

5. Emilia-Romagna, Italy 

If you’ve yet to notice which country will be dominating travelers’ bookings in 2024, maybe the fifth spot on today’s list will help clear that up.

Though Emilia-Romagna is yet another region proudly located in Northern Italy, its landscape, culture, and general atmosphere create a whole other world of wonders for travelers to explore.

Bologna Italy

While there’s a lot to celebrate about this part of the Southern European country, what’s arguably drawing tourists in here the most is the exceptional culinary scene that entices not only hard-core foodies but all travelers looking to taste a piece of history.

Bologna, the region's capital, is often referred to as “La Grassa” (roughly translated as “the fat one”) thanks to the many dishes that have brought it international fame, from the rich Bolognese sauce to the ionic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

6. Hamburg, Germany 

Positioned among the imposing Elbe River, Germany’s second-largest city is expecting a remarkable surge in tourism come 2024, mainly thanks to its iconic waterfront, historic Speicherstadt district, and avant-garde architecture.

Hamburg, Germany

While some might find Hamburg’s gloomy, rainy weather to be a bit off-putting, I can guarantee that once you get to enjoy the local nightlife, fascinating cultural events, and innovative culinary scene you’ll feel more relaxed and alive than ever. 

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Though last on today’s list, Lisbon is among the fastest-growing travel hubs in the world thanks to its unparalleled blend of old-world elegance and bohemian flair, all of which comes neatly presented in a reasonably priced package.

Lisbon skyline, Portugal

Since there’s no shortage of articles and reports covering Lisbon's (and Portugal’s) mesmerizing allure, you can check out some of the city’s biggest hotspots and attractions here.

For those who don’t have the time for the extra click, I just want to say that the city's iconic yellow trams, historic Belém Tower, and exhilarating Bairro Alto district are not to be missed.

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Tuesday 12th of December 2023

I think I would include Istanbul as one of the top ten European travel destination,I say, we just visited Istanbul a month ago, and I found the country itself rich in history and culture and affordable too!!👍😄.I enjoyed reading your post, very informative, thank you so much.