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These Are The Top 8 Cities Around The World For A Luxurious Splurge Vacation 

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In terms of travel, many of us might be more budget-conscious, and who can blame us? With the rising cost of everything these days, making sure we get the most for our money is more important than ever.

However, while being cost conscious has its place, there are some times when people just want (and likely deserve) a good splurge. 

woman in dubai enjoying beach

And where better than to splash out and pamper yourself than with a good vacation?

From a luxurious weekend getaway to a nearby cosmopolitan city or a lavish five-star resort experience in a faraway place, there are numerous ways to get some high-end luxury when you travel. 

Some locations around the world are well known for being high and above the best options for a luxurious splurge vacation, and that have brought in impressive sums of foreign tourist dollars, who come to spend money on the high-end retailer, restaurants, hotels, and other experiences.

Plaza Hotel new york city

International Travelers flocked to these cosmopolitan cities in 2022, spending billions of dollars on high-end experiences such as shopping, fine dining, and luxury accommodation and tours.  

The Top 8 Cities Around The World For A Luxurious Splurge Vacation Are:

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Gondolier rides tourists on a gondola along the mock canal of the Venetian Macau


This megacity in the United Arab Emirates has been gaining more and more attention from travelers recently and for many reasons. While there are ways to visit Dubai and not break the bank completely, many come here for the luxury you can experience at its numerous high-end resorts.

In 2022 international travelers spent nearly $30 billion dollars in Dubai, making it far and above all the other cities on this list.

With world-class dining and shopping options to custom-fitted experiences, there is no end of ways to splurge in Dubai. 

Aerial view of Dubai Palm Jumeirah island, United Arab Emirates


The country of Qatar has gained recent popularity for a few reasons, one being that it hosted the World Cup last year in 2022.

This massive increase in visitors might be part of the reason that Qatar’s capital city of Doha made the second spot on this list, with international tourists spending over $16 billion dollars here in 2022.

With 24 Michelin-star restaurants in the city, Doha is an international culinary destination. With around 80 five-star properties on offer, the city also offers the chance to pamper yourself and splurge. 

Katara buildings view from Lusail Marina Park


As the city with more five-star hotels than any other in the world, it’s no surprise that London ranks so highly on the list as a place where you can treat yourself to a high-end vacation.

London has always been a high-profile destination where people from all walks of life come to visit its world-class museums and history. 

Splurging here looks different than the middle eastern cities of Dubai and Doha, and the high-end properties, while still overflowing with class, are not as towering or glitzy as you might find in other cities on this list.

The numerous luxurious hotels, shops, restaurants, and experiences that you can treat yourself to all encompass the understated elegance that this city is known for.

International tourists splurged with around $16 billion worth of spending in 2022, making it a favorite for those who like the finer things.

Big Ben at summer, London


Macau has long been known to be the gambling capital of the world, and the properties here far exceed the footprint of their namesakes in Las Vegas.

For example, Macau’s Venetian is over four times the size of the Vegas property. Macau is glitz and glam and excess, all alongside the old-world Portuguese charm of the old city.

Macau has undergone a bit of a revamp in post-pandemic times, and its new branding seems to be working to attract a larger audience.

In 2022 foreign visitors spent nearly $16 billion here, although it’s worth noting that this figure includes those coming from mainland China and Hong Kong as well. 

Macau, city skyline at sunset.


A longtime favorite with everyone from party-going backpackers to high-end luxury clients, this favorite Dutch city took in nearly $14 billion in international tourism dollars last year.

You may have read that Amsterdam is looking to reposition itself as a tourist destination with those who are looking to experience more than just its notorious party scene, and the altered image seems to be drawing in a more upper-class clientele who come to spend some serious cash.

Experiences here range from five-star dining on the water to wellness retreats and luxury shopping, just to name a few. 

bike in amsterdam


A city that's both steeped in Asian and European influences, Istanbul can give those who are looking to splurge the best of both worlds.

You can find numerous world-class properties with sweeping views over the impressive mosques and the two continents stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Istanbul doesn’t skimp on high-end shopping or dining as well, and intimate experiences such as yacht cruises and private Turkish hammams also offer ways to pamper yourself.

The city saw a little over $13 billion dollars come in last year, placing it firmly in the middle of this list. 

blue mosque in istanbul


Raking in nearly $13 billion dollars from international tourists in 2022, the Spanish metropolis of Barcelona is well-loved by travelers of all categories.

Those who come here for a splurge are not disappointed, with the nearly 30 Michelin-star restaurants and numerous luxury properties to choose from.

The city has endless bespoke luxury travel experiences to take part in, and travelers can revel in the architecture and shopping with their own private concierge.

sagrada familia in barcelona in summer

New York

As the city in America with the most five-star hotels, those who are looking to splurge can choose from the nearly 60 high-end properties New York City offers.

From private flights to airport helicopter taxis, New York City is easily the best option in the U.S. for a splurge vacation.

With flagship stores, world-leading restaurants and bars, exclusive ateliers, and endless other entertainment options from intimate and private to glamour and extravagance, this is the place to spoil yourself. 

new york city skyline central park

Coming in the last two spots on the top 10 list of cities around the world for a luxurious splurge vacation are Singapore and Paris, both with nearly ten billion dollars spent by international tourists in 2022. 

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