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These Are The Top Spring Break Destinations According To Expedia

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American travelers are planning ahead for their spring break getaways, and Expedia has proof of this. The online travel company has recently revealed valuable data related to travel and behavior for March and April, including top searched destinations and a few recommendations for spring break travel. 

These are the main discoveries Expedia found:

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  • Flight searches for March and April have increased by 40% compared to a similar timeframe last year. More American travelers are planning ahead for their spring break getaway.
  • Hotel prices remain similar to 2022, but flight fares have increased. 
  • Now that COVID-19 requirements have been removed, more travelers want to go back to popular Caribbean destinations and have shown interest in other international destinations.
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There are many ways to spend spring break vacations, and while some travelers prefer to plan a road trip adventure, others choose cheap destinations close to the United States, and a few prefer to travel as far as possible; these are the current trends and behaviors among American travelers according to Expedia:

Spring Break Destinations Based On Flight Searches

Expedia’s study has shared interesting information regarding the most popular destinations for Americans during spring break. The data analyzed flight searches between November and December 2022 for travel in March and April 2023.

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Here are the destinations that travelers search for the most

Puerto Vallarta

Expedia’s data revealed that travelers are searching over 25% times more Puerto Vallarta this year. This beautiful Mexican city has recently set an all-time record for most visitors. But why? Because this destination has all travelers want for the perfect vacation: beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich culture, and great nightlife.

View of Puerto Vallarta pier in the day

Punta Cana 

Flight searches for Punta Cana have increased by 30%. The Dominican Republic offers amazing beaches, great resorts, and entertainment for tourists, and it is becoming one of Americans' favorite destinations for 2023


Italy’s capital is on many travelers’ minds. Searches to this destination have increased by 20%. This country’s romantic and historical corners attract over 10 million tourists every year.

Young Male Tourist Posing By The Colosseum, Rome, Italy


Despite being considered an overrated destination for 2023, Paris is always on every traveler’s bucket list. This destination was searched 50% more for travel this year. Perhaps Emily in Paris has an influence on this.


Spring break vacations to see the cherry blossoms of Tokyo? Yes, please! According to Expedia, American travelers searched this city 55% more compared to the previous year.

Fujiyoshida, Japan at Chureito Pagoda and Mt. Fuji in the spring with cherry blossoms


Surprisingly, Alaska has been gaining a lot of popularity in 2023. According to Expedia, travelers are interested in cruises to Alaska during spring break—25% more searches than the previous year.

U.S. Vs. Canada

In the United States, travelers are interested in New York (+5%), and in Canada, travelers want to explore Montreal 40% more than last year. The travel company has also highlighted travelers' interest in national parks. The two parks that travelers searched the most were Banff National Park (+40%) and Jackson Hole (60%). 

Alaska cruise ship boat near glacier ice and mountain in pacific ocean

Expedia’s Recommendations For Travelers 

The travel company has also shared a few recommendations for spring break travel to help those who are on a budget. These were the main considerations to reduce costs, according to Expedia: 

  • Avoid peak dates: Travel the first week of March or after April 16 if you want to save money. The busiest travel dates are March 10 and 11, and the priciest are March 25 and April 1.
  • Buy when prices drop: There’s a possibility that prices drop a month before domestic flights, but the company recommends travelers use a machine learning app that helps predict prices.
  • Prefer weekdays: when it comes to airfare, weekends are usually more expensive. According to Expedia, travelers can save up to 20% by traveling on weekdays.
  • Travel during pre-summer shoulder: Right after mid-April and right before summer, travelers can find better prices for plane seats—and probably nice weather.
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