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These Are The Top Trending Travel Hacks On TikTok Right Now

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With over 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok has become a mammoth in the content creation arena. Videos ranging from the latest dance trend to advice on filing taxes have surfaced on the platform, and travel hack videos are no exception. This summer has seen unprecedented travel chaos, but that hasn’t kept users from sharing their best travel hacks.

We’ve gathered a few noteworthy TikTok travel hacks that may help travelers on their next journey. Some will save you money, some will save you time, and some will save you frustration. Below are six TikTok travel hacks that are trending right now.

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Let Your Destination Choose You

@explorewithkevs shared her best travel hack for saving money on flights. She points out that most travelers plan their vacation by picking where they want to go, choosing when they can go, and then looking for flights that fit the criteria. Instead, she suggests allowing your destination to choose you and being flexible with your dates by utilizing google flights.

@explorewithkevs Travel smart!! #traveltiktok #traveltips #travelhacks #flightdeals ♬ Darling – Trees and Lucy

This travel hack will reveal some great deals, and you may discover a place you hadn’t considered before. Using this advice properly will even allow you to find international tickets for under $200. For a more in-depth look at this method, read about it HERE.

Don’t Let Budget Airlines Fool You

This tip is excellent for travelers who like to take advantage of budget airlines. Budget airlines can be a great way to fly around Europe without spending much money, provided you don’t have much luggage. @kaseymeetsworld points out that when booking a flight with a budget airline like RyanAir, they will often try to get you to bundle adding a bag and picking a seat. If travelers don’t check, they could think this is the only way to add a bag. However, if you go through the entire booking process, the last page will ask if you want to add just a bag without bundling, saving travelers some money.

@kaseymeetsworld Budget airline hacks #budgetairlines #budgettravelhacks #cheaptraveltip #howtotravelcheap ♬ Victoria’s Secret – Jax

When flying with budget airlines, the less luggage you have, the better. Budget airlines make a lot of money by racking up luggage and seat selection fees. But, if you pack a carry-on correctly, you can take advantage of the low fares without the extra costs.

Trade The Line Of 300 For The Line Of Two

How does standing in a line of 300 people after getting off an international flight sound? Terrible, right? Now how about walking past that line to a different one that only has two people in it? That’s more like it! @joespinstheglobe reported that he did just that in Tampa this past week by utilizing the completely free Mobile Passport Control app.

@joespinstheglobe leaving vacation is already sad, don't make it torturous #travel #travelhacks ♬ original sound – JoeSpinsTheGlobe

The app can only be used by U.S. citizens, and not every place of entry uses the program. However, for places that do, you can save hours by taking advantage of the program. For more information, read about the program HERE.

Who Needs An Uber?

Have you ever noticed that taking an Uber to the airport is much more expensive than taking one anywhere else? Ben, in a Travel Hacks by Ben TikTok, decided that he didn’t want to pay $60 for an Uber to the airport and looked for other options. In the video, he is excited to report that he saved almost $50 by using a rentable scooter instead of hailing an Uber.

@hotdongwater Travel hacks by Ben #travel #sandiegotourism #scooter #expertsOnly ♬ original sound – hotdongwater

As you can see from the video, the scooter comes with a greater risk of harm than an Uber, but you’ll ideally be using both hands instead of filming a TikTok. This hack is also very luggage dependent, as it would be pretty challenging to do this with anything but a backpack.

For an alternative Uber hack, try booking a ride to a nearby location. If an airport hotel is only a block or two away, sometimes the fare difference can be quite significant.

Understand It All

Most international travelers are familiar with the Google Translate app. It’s great for looking up words you don’t know and can even translate your speech if you have wifi or data. But many travelers, including @itsgnochgnoch, have remained unaware of one of the app’s most powerful tools, the Google Translate Camera.

@itsgnochgnoch how has it taken me 26 YEARS?!?!? #travelhack #translator ♬ original sound – GNOCHGNOCH

The tool is extremely helpful for areas that don’t have English signs or menus and can even be used offline. Just be sure to download the language you intend to use before heading off! For a more in-depth look at the feature, read about it HERE.

Don’t Look Suspicious

This last hack looks hot, but at least you won’t get cold on the plane! Travelers should use this hack at their own risk, and this should not be taken as advice by any means. For many budget airlines, the best possible price you can get will only allow you to bring a small personal item. Traveling without even bringing a carry-on sounds crazy, but @tastemadetravel found a way to make it work.

@tastemadetravel Don't be suspicious 😳 @mxgomezz #travelhack #travel #carryon #airport #carryonhack #planehack #flyinghack #travelhack @tastemade ♬ how would they know bad girls club – Chris Gleason

For many, paying the extra fee for a carry-on may be a simpler route. But for some travelers, gaming the system to travel cheaply is a badge of honor. This hack may come in handy this winter, but travelers will have to shelve it when spring comes. The gate attendant will definitely know something is up if you’re wearing a full-size winter coat in May!

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