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These Are The Top Trending Worldwide Tourist Attractions 

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With summer drawing near, talk and plans of summer travel are in full gear. People are turning to many places on the internet for their planning, and one website that is emerging as a leader in travel inspiration and tips is Pinterest.

woman holding hand petra jordan

Some studies indicate that over 63 million Pinterest users are there for travel content, and the percentage of travel pins is only increasing. With around 450 million active users in February 2023 alone, it’s clear that Pinterest is growing in popularity with users around the world. 

The people over at the popular luggage storage company Bounce have analyzed data from Pinterest to determine which tourist attractions are growing in popularity among users. Measuring a search term's interest over a period of time, a Pinterest Travel Index Score was determined.

The Pinterest Travel Index Score is assigned out of 100, indicating the popularity of each keyword over time. Looking at the scores for some popular travel hotspots over the week ending February 17th, 2022, and comparing it to the score for the week ending February 16th, 2023, the difference then indicated the search terms shift in popularity. 

woman in front of sagrada familia spain

According To The Pinterest Travel Index, These Are The Tourist Attractions That Are The Most Popular Around The World:

Palace Of Versailles, France 

With an increase in searches of 56%, this famous French tourist attraction is growing in popularity with travelers from around the globe.

Easily one of France’s most famous landmarks and one of its most popular toasts attractions, the Palace of Versailles is a must-see on any trip to Paris.

Located only about 10km away from the city, dedicating a day to exploring this vast and opulent landmark is worth the time.

Around 15 million people visit each year, so buy your tickets early and plan accordingly. Although now might not be the best time to visit Paris, this famous landmark is one to bookmark for any future visit. 

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VERSAILLES, FRANCE The Royal Palace in Versailles

Eiffel Tower, France

The second tourist attraction that has seen an explosion in popularity on Pinterest in the past year is also in France.

It’s probably not hard to believe that the iconic Eiffel Tower is famous, but what is surprising is that it still grows in popularity each year.

The recent surge of interest on Pinterest resulted in a 48% increase in its popularity on the platform within the past year.

So why is the Eiffel Tower trending on Pinterest?

It’s possible that the recent show Emily In Paris might have something to do with it, as the new travel trend of set-jetting has been helping boost interest in various tourist attractions around the world.

woman with hat in front of Eiffel Tower Paris copy

Disneyland Paris, France 

Another French attraction takes the third spot on the list of attractions that are growing in popularity on Pinterest.

Seeing an increase of 40% in its Pinterest Travel Index Score, Disneyland Paris is enjoying an increase in attention among travelers, and with increased flight options from the U.S., it might be time to start planning your trip to this highly rated attraction.

As Europe’s largest and most visited theme park, the Paris version of Mickey Mouse’s world is a place to visit for people of all ages.

Many travelers mention that it feels a bit more grown-up than its American predecessors and is a bit more adult-friendly. 

Fanstasyland at Disneyland Paris, France Fairy Town

Petra, Jordan 

The first entry on the list to be found outside of France takes us to Jordan, with the stunning Petra earning a jump of 40% to its Pinterest Trends Index Score.

Visited by millions of tourists from around the globe each year, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is increasing in popularity each year and shows no signs of slowing down.

As one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, this ancient site has become a symbol of Jordan.

If you make the trip, make sure not to skip spending a few days in Amman as well, where you can find some other impressive cultural sites

woman with hat at petra jordan

Niagara Falls, Canada, and The United States 

Number five on the list of trending worldwide tourist attractions is the unofficial eighth Wonder of the World, Niagara Falls, with a growth in popularity of 33%.

Located along the border of New York State and Canada, this natural beauty is not one of the largest waterfalls in the world, but there is no denying that it’s very impressive nonetheless.

A must-do while visiting here is taking the iconic Maid of the Mist boat and prepare to get soaked while floating up close and personal with the falls.

While the Canadian side is the more impressive and tourist-friendly of the two, recent upgrades have made the American side much nicer to visit than it was years ago.

Don’t forget your passport when visiting, and use this trip as an excuse to venture further into Canada and see what the stunning country offers. 

Beautiful Niagara Falls on a clear sunny day Niagara Canada

Rounding Out The Top 10 Tourist Attractions That Have Grown The Most In Popularity On Pinterest Are:

  • Statue of Liberty, United States – 32% Increase in Popularity on Pinterest 
  • Times Square, United States – 30% Increase in Popularity on Pinterest
  • Mount Fuji, Japan – 24% Increase in Popularity on Pinterest
  • Sagrada Familia, Spain – 24% Increase in Popularity on Pinterest
  • Machu Picchu, Peru – 12% Increase in Popularity on Pinterest
times square nyc

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