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Top 7 Most On-Time Global Airlines According To A New Study

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Nothing is worse than rushing to the airport with the feeling of anxiety because you might miss a flight, and when you finally get there, you discover your travel plans are delayed.

This frustration has existed since the dawn of air travel, and it can dampen the joy of any vacation or holiday.

Young woman in international airport looking at the flight information board, checking her flight.

Some airlines are notorious for delayed flights, and many travelers purposely avoid booking tickets on said airlines for that reason.

With the summer approaching, the last thing anyone wants to do is sit around the gate waiting for a delayed flight. 

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There's been new tracking on delayed flights and the culprits behind it. Now travelers are keener on reviewing data before booking a vacation to avoid waiting for a delayed flight. Things can be even worse when you have a connecting flight and your first departure is delayed.

There are better ways to start a new vacation than rushing through security only to be met with a delayed flight, especially during summer.

You'll see OTP mentioned a few times, which means on-time performance in airline jargon. 

Here are the top eight most on-time global airlines (in January 2023) according to a new study from Cirium:

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Global Number One: Iberia Airlines

“Iberia (IB) starts the year off with a strong performance and takes the lead with an OTP of 86.80%, almost a four-point improvement from December (82.91%),” says Cirium.

Iberia Airlines is shining bright this season with the top score for being on time and having fewer delays. The airline is based in Madrid and was created in 1927.

Just because it's in Madrid doesn't mean it only services Spain; the airline is widely flown worldwide and is one of the most popular if you're doing trans-Atlantic flights from cities like New York or Chicago.

This means that Iberia Airlines is the most punctual airline in the world. If you catch yourself in Spain or somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula, book a flight on Iberia Airlines to get somewhere on time. 

Iberia Airbus A319 airplane at London Heathrow airport

APAC Number One: Thai AirAsia

Based in Bangkok, Thai AirAsia is the most punctual airline for the Asia-Pacific region. Coming in with an OTP score of 90.68%, it's a sure bet you'll be on time if you're traveling with this airline.

Thai AirAsia is a good airline if you're flying anywhere in Southeast Asia. It'll get you to places like Malaysia and Phuket in an instant.

Air China came second for the Southeast Asian region with an OTP of 87.60%.

Both Airlines are good ways to get around and be on time.

Red and white plans on a tar mac waiting to take off

North America Number One: Delta Airlines

If you frequently travel in North America, you've been on a Delta Airlines plane. It got a score of 79.88%, which is a lot less than the others on this list.

Still, it ranks as the number one airline to use in North America. It's one of the world's oldest carriers stemming back to 1925.

Atlanta, Georgia has the most prominent hub, and if you've been to the airport, you see why it's so popular.

Delta Airlines aircraft in flight; the Delta Logo visible on the airplanes' underbelly; blue sky background.

Europe Number One: Air Europa 

If you're in Europe (outside the Iberian Peninsula), you must check out Air Europa. The European airline came in with a score of 88.68%, progress from prior months.

Another Spanish airline's headquarters are located in Mallorca, founded in 1986.

The airline is affordable and reliable, making your European vacation much more pleasant.

Air Europa Boeing 787 Dreamliner flying in front of blue sky.

Latin America Number One: Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines takes the cake for Latin America, and it's no surprise. The airline is trusted by travelers in the region or abroad for its quick and reliable service. 

It came in with an OTP score of 90.79% and services most of Latin America. 

Fun fact: This airline was founded in Panama City in 1944 but didn't take off till 1947. 

 Boeing 737 Copa Airlines landing at the Miami International Airport. Copa Airlines is the flag carrier of Panama

Middle East & Africa Number One: Oman Air

Traveling to the middle east is far if you're coming from North America, and no one wants to be stuck at the airport waiting for a 13-hour flight that's delayed.

Oman Air is the most punctual airline in the Middle East region, with an OTP score of 92.14%.

Royal Jordanian comes in second with a superb score of 89.90%. These Middle Eastern airlines are knocking the US-based scores by leaps and bounds.

Blue, white, and gold airline wing in front of a tower.

Low-Cost Carrier Number One: Solaseed Air

Traveling on a budget means booking economy airlines, and sometimes that comes with the fear of delayed flights. This month Solaseed Air is taking top place for being the most on-time low-cost carrier.

It came in with an OTO score of 92.23%, which is pretty impressive. If you're still getting familiar with the brand, it's a connector airline in Japan.

The next time you're out east, check them out for affordable and quick service.

Lime green and white plane on a runway with the ocean behind.

Traveling this summer should be completed on time.

You should be able to enjoy every minute of your vacation from the moment you step on the plane to the moment you get back on it to go home.

Next time you're looking to book your vacation, review this list and choose the right airline. 

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