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This Affordable Hidden Paradise With Turquoise Waters Is Mexico’s Best Kept Secret

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A straight shot from Mexico City lies one of Mexico's best-kept secrets.

No, we're not talking about the canals of Xochimilco or the fascinating pyramids of Teotihuacan, as awesome as they may be.

As if Mexico City itself isn't enough of an endless playground for travelers, venturing outside the city limits can be even better, especially to avoid the crowds and mind-boggling traffic.

Beyond Mexico's most popular urban jungle, hordes of travelers are seeking out Mexico's best beaches right now. You know, Cancun, Los, Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, to name a few.

Cliffside thermal pools of Grutas Tolantongo

One of the main draws of any beach is the mesmerizing blue waters, but what if you could visit another type of paradisal setting with pristine turquoise waters?

Mexico's best-kept secret is just the place and one of the most unique, incomparable destinations in the country.

Book a flight to Mexico City and make sure to pack your swimwear as Grutas Tolantongo is about to blow your mind!

Forget The Beach! This Is The Paradise You've Been Searching For

Beautiful blue waters flowing through Grutas Tolantongo

Looking at a map, you would never suspect a hidden paradise tucked away in the state of Hidalgo.

Through winding roads in the middle of nowhere lies Grutas Tolantongo, home to a vast, stunning canyon with turquoise waters, thermal pools, and a resort for a comfortable stay in a place nobody ever seems to talk about.

When we think of Mexico, our minds go to tacos, margaritas, and plenty of incredible beaches for a dream vacation.

It's time for that to change, or at the very least, add Grutas Tolantongo to your travel wishlist.

Affordable, tranquil, and quite honestly, bucket-list worthy, this unsuspecting town should be your next escape.

Tourist in Grutas Tolantongo thermal pool

Dare We Say The Iceland Of Mexico?

No, there's no elf folklore, strange hot dogs, or streets you can't pronounce.

Thankfully, Grutas Tolantongo is fairly easy to reach without having to follow strange directions like, “take a left on Jófríđarstađarvegur in 1 mile”.

What is reminiscent of Iceland are the crystal blue thermal pools and warm turquoise waters flowing through the canyon powered by the volcanic activity of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains and access to nearby waterfalls and otherworldly cave systems.

No official word if your shower will smell like rotten eggs, however.

Female tourist enjoying Grutas Tolantongo thermal pools

Some say Iceland's Blue Lagoon is exactly what they dreamt of, while others say it's too touristy and one of the most overhyped attractions in the world.

One could argue Grutas Tolantongo is even better, as it's sooooo much cheaper, far less crowded, and offers guests an elevated view sitting cliffside among drop-dead gorgeous scenery for the perfect Instagram shot.

Oh, and did we mention it's not freezing cold?

Putting ‘Iceland' and ‘Mexico' in the same sentence can be a tough sell, but there are a lot of similarities here without having to take a long-haul flight.

Turquoise waters fling through Grutas Tolantongo

At the very least it's nearly identical to Turkiye's Pamukkale, an ancient city with Roman roots teeming with mineral-rich blue thermal waters for the ultimate ‘spa day'.

Affordable And Easy To Reach From Mexico City

Mexico is often seen as a cheap vacation spot—that is, until you start to book a trip to Cabo.

Here, however, you don't have to worry about your travel budget.

Gaining entry into the park will set you back about $12, which is well worth the price of admission.

Along this scenic region are plenty of hotels and resorts, as low as $60 per night.

Turquoise waters fling through Grutas Tolantongo

When booking, you may want to confirm transportation options as much of the area is rugged and not walkable from site to site.

Speaking of transportation, you're probably wondering how to reach such a remote area of Mexico.

Starting in Mexico City is your best bet, while Queretaro is a secondary option.

Most travelers should opt to fly into Mexico City, one of Mexico's top hubs. It's best to either rent a car, take a shuttle directly from the airport, or spend some time in the city and book a trip via Turibus for a full tour for about $60.

For the more adventurous, Mexico's minibusses come here, but you will need to detour through Hidalgo City.

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