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This Beautiful City In South America Is Welcoming Digital Nomads

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South America is one of the most welcoming regions for digital nomads. Whether you're only visiting for a short period of time or relocating in the long term, you will be met with friendly locals, gorgeous weather, and a far more relaxed atmosphere than back in the U.S. or Canada. There is plenty to choose from, but this one city, in particular, has been ramping up efforts to attract remote workers.

Young Woman Taking Pictures Of The Buenos Aires Skyline, Argentina, South America

The Paris Of The Global South

Buenos Aires has long been renowned for its elegance and architectural grandeur. Nicknamed the Paris of South America, it is famous for its wide boulevards, lined with lush green trees and monumental Belle époque buildings dating back to the late 19th century. Out of all Latin American capitals, it is arguably the one that feels most European.

Other than its bewildering beauty and Old World charm, Buenos Aires is a modern mecca for haute cuisine, as the home of several high-end restaurants and Michelin star-worthy street food stalls. From the deliciously tender asados to the fulfilling choripan butties, those devoted foodies will have a lot of ground to cover on a culinary tour of the city.

European Style Buildings In Buenos Aires, Capital Of Argentina, South America

And, of course, Buenos Aires is the birthplace of tango, one of the world football capitals, and a lively city break packed with color, trendy bars, and urban art, but there is more: it is currently racing to become South America's digital nomad haven, increasing its already impossibly vast cultural offer, and ensuring the local market is open to foreign investment.

As reported by local news outlets, it is being presented at a tourism fair in Madrid, Spain as the best city to ‘live, visit, work and do business.' Indeed, Americans relocating to Buenos Aires will enjoy a much higher quality of life compared to the United States. Due to the excellent currency exchange rate, and the strength of the dollar against the Argentinian peso, everything is much cheaper:

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The Skyline Of Buenos Aires Depicting A Mix Of Old Style Belle Epoque Buildings And Modernist Structures And Skyscrapers, Argentina, South America

Is Buenos Aires A Digital Nomad Hub In The Making?

According to Nomadlist, American expats working remotely from Buenos Aires can expect to spend USD$1,914 on average per month, though the final sum can be much lower. For instance, staying outside the city center may help you save some money on rent, and there are many points of interest around the metropolis that can be visited for free, such as:

  • The art-filled La Recoleta Cemetery
  • The San Telmo fleamarket
  • The Casa Rosada Museum
  • The Immigration Museum
The Casa Rosada Seen From The Adjacent Public Square In Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

In general, food, accommodation, transportation, and tourist attractions are all hugely affordable: Americans will spend less living and working in Buenos Aires without ever feeling financially strained. Local authorities are aware of the city's irresistible appeal, particularly to a budget-conscious, younger demographic, and they have been preparing for further growth:

This year, they expect to host 22,000 remote workers, and the fact that Argentina was one of the first in the continent to drop all pandemic-related entry requirements is not a mere coincidence. It is staying ahead of the curve and sparing no effort in its attempt to regain the trust of vacationers and nomads alike following an era of lockdowns and travel bans.

Young business woman with working with laptop inside coffee store.

Digital Nomad Visa Applications Are Open

On top of that, it has partnered with AirBnB, the largest long-term vacation rental platform, to promote longer stays, along with a select list of destinations which also include the state of Baja California Sur, in Mexico, and the Canary Islands in Spain, not to mention it has rolled out a Digital Nomad Visa, allowing nomads to reside in Argentina for longer than 90 days without being fined.

In order to apply online, Americans must:

Close Up Of A US Passport On The Front Pocket Of A Male American Traveler As He Reaches Out For It, International Travel
  • Submit a clear image of a valid and current passport (the personal data and photo page)
  • A frontal face photo taken against a white background
  • Any documentation that proves they work remotely
  • A brief Curriculum Vitae stating their experience in their area of expertise

More information can be found on this page.

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Sunday 19th of February 2023

The site linked to in the article states plainly that Argentina does not currently have a "digital nomad" visa. Oh Google, why do you put so much crap in my feed...


Sunday 19th of February 2023

This article is completely false!!!! I’m a U.S. expat that has been here 22 months and I can tell you first hand there are no jobs here. If you do find a job, it’s less than 1,000 usd a month. And the cost of living here is a joke. Apartments go from anywhere of 700 up to 2,000 a month usd. Inflation is among the worst of any country in the world. Expect prices of goods to nearly double in less than 6 months. Even if you double up it’s still a joke. The visa thing is wrong too. You can overstay up to 4 years and pay a 200 fine when you leave the country. As to the food, I have had food poisoning so many times here. Because of the way they store their food here. Don’t let the scenery fool you, this country has serious problems. Just turn on the tv to any news channel. There is terrible violence here, babies get stolen to be sold. There is theft and a lot of Argentines will totally take advantage of you if you are a foreigner. Prices of certain goods are cheaper in the Us than they are here. My wife and I live here and can’t wait for her visa to be approved so we can get the hell out of here.


Tuesday 4th of July 2023

@Nomad, The article is intended to digital nomads. Can't you read? "Digital nomad" means you are paid by a company anywhere else, and you live wherever in the world you want. A salary of 3,000 dollars a month has the power of 6,000 in Argentina. Argentina has nothing to do with your salary or employment opportunities. It's you who has to find a job in your country and work remotely from Argentina. If prices double in a year, so does your salary when converted to the local currency. Food poisoning? I've been living for 23 years in this city and nobody I know has been poisoned. Babies get stolen to be sold? Yes, a few cases, like everywhere else. It looks like you are Chilean or Mexican. Relax!


Monday 20th of February 2023

@Nomad, I hear ya man, lived there in 2o12. The country is irresponsible with the spending. Their politicians are corrupt . The citizens protest , they go on strike for everything. Once the country was taken over by dictators and socialists, it been downhill.


Sunday 19th of February 2023


Louis Wettern

Sunday 19th of February 2023

Perhaps extremely cheap for foreigners, but for us, we are living a real nightmare. This country is going through one of the worst crisis in history. Rampant corruption and an extremely populist government, is destroying the Argentine middle class, once the largest in South America. Poverty had reached levels that we had never seen in history. From around 6/7 % of the population, to almost 50% in just three decades of Peronist Kirchnerist rule. What they don’t say in this note, that once a safe city is now a paradise for thieves. Plus Russians that cannot go to other countries, are « invading BA by thousands » Especially young couples who want to get the Argentine citizenship faster and have their children in a nation, with a government close to Moscow.


Saturday 18th of February 2023

Nothing more distant from the true! 1900 usd in Buenos Aires ??? That only could be true if someone eat 3 times a day outside in a medium luxury or luxury restaurant!!!! Let me iluminate this post with real true prices:

- rent a 1/1 apt in a good spot of the city ( not the most luxury but GOOD!!) is about 400-700 - if you want 1/1 on a super luxury apt is about 800-1000 and i mean luxury because you neighbors will be people with ferraris, porsches, and mercedes benz ( high classes not A,B or C class lol)

Then food is really cheap and from my opinion Argentina has good prices in fruits, vegetables, etc you can add per month with plenty of meat and chicken about 300 usd ( with all the perks people!)

And the transportation : Buenos Aires has a good good super good public transportation and also cheap now a subway is about 0.15 cents of a dollar!!! And buses are cheaper 0.12 cents of a dollar.

So if you travel everyday 4 times you spend about 19 usd dollars per MONTH!!!

All this prices are real because i am in buenos aires on this moment so people please give true information and not only rewrite from another posts

Be real and your post are going to be a success!!