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Why This South American City Needs To Be On Your Bucket List This Year 

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South America offers travelers a mix of anything and everything, from glaciers to mountains to cities and beaches.

Narrowing down where to visit in this vast continent can be a monumental task for even the intrepid traveler.

congress square buenos aires

But with more reasons to visit than ever before, South America should be on everyone’s bucket list this year. If it’s a city you're after, you would be hard-pressed to choose a better destination than Argentina's vibrant capital of Buenos Aires. 

Known as the “Paris of South America,” Buenos Aires is one of those cities that does not disappoint. Located on South America’s southeastern coast, Buenos Aires is a melting pot of European and South American influences, with creative and colorful characters and a mix of architecture to be found around every corner. 

What To Expect 

Argentinians will be the first to tell you that life in Buenos Aires is crazy, being a chaotic, sprawling metropolis with a nearly overwhelming choice of things to do. It’s likely that if you ask any local and they will lead you to something fun and exciting, no matter the hour. One of the first things visitors notice on their visit? This city goes late, and people are out dancing, playing football, eating, and drinking until the early morning hours. 

colorful building in buenos aires, argentina

One bonus for those who visit Buenos Aires is the sheer amount of attractions you can visit for free. The city is known for its “greeter” program, offering locals to guide you around the main sights. The live music, dancing, and fitness classes you find in every park are all encouraged to join for free as well. 

While there really isn’t any bad time to visit Buenos Aires, the best times are their fall season of April thru June or the spring months of September to December. Travelers in these months will be rewarded with lower prices, milder temperatures, beautiful fall foliage, and smaller crowds. While a popular time to visit is January and February (their summer), this, of course, is the time when prices are high, crowds are common, and a muggy heat encapsulates the city. 

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Getting Here & Around 

With the launch of new flights being added this year, getting to Buenos Aires has never been easier. Those coming from the U.S. will be happy to know that Delta has introduced a JFK-Buenos Aires nonstop route starting in early 2023. In addition, numerous other airlines are now increasing their offerings to Buenos Aires as well, connecting the city to far-flung destinations such as Rome, Tokyo, and Sydney. 

 colorful bus in buenos aire, argentina

Once you’ve landed in Buenos Aires, exploring the city is easiest done on foot. The tree-lined streets are full of historic architecture, and most of the city Is accessible and easy to navigate. In addition, the local busses, “colectivos or bondis”, as they are known to the locals, can get you where you need to go for cheap, and often they prove to be quite the experience in themselves. Buenos Aires also boasts the first metro system in Latin America, and getting around via subway is cheap, safe, and easy. 

pink house buenos aires

A Lower Pricetag 

For travels with cost on their mind, heading to Buenos Aires this year could prove to be a good choice. Argentina is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in South America this year, with a 57% lower cost of living than the U.S. In addition to being an overall budget-friendly country, the new tourist exchange rate makes traveling here even more financially viable. 

buenos aires street colorful with people

Previously it was common knowledge among travelers that when traveling to Argentina, cash is king. Those coming to visit would be prepared with stacks of cash and have to seek out back-alley exchange “agents” to get the best rate. Now with the launch of Argentina’s new tourist exchange rate, the result effectively doubles your money when you visit. When paying by foreign credit card, the transaction will be processed at an Electronic Payment Market (MEP) dollar rate, making this the preferential way of purchasing among visitors now. 

Things To Look For in 2023 

There's a lot going on in terms of tourism in Buenos Aires this year, travel is on the rise, and hotels are speeding up development in answer to the demand. In addition to more options for accommodation, the city is drawing attention to its rising culinary scene. Buenos Aires snagged 10 spots on the 50 best restaurants in Latin America List and is home to one of the best bars in Latin America. 

buenos aires colorful houses

In action to short-term travelers, the country hopes to become a top destination for digital nomads worldwide and aims to host 22,000 remote workers by 2023. In addition, the country is having a bit of a moment on the worldwide stage after winning the World Cup this year. All of these are reasons enough to head to Buenos Aires and enjoy some world-famous Argentinian steak and wine and get much more for your money when paying by credit card.

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Monday 13th of February 2023

I just got back from visiting Buenos Aires for the first time. Absolutely loved -LOVED- it!

David I Rosen

Sunday 12th of February 2023

Don’t cry for me Argentina for I will visit you soon, I hope.