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This Cheap European Country Is The Ultimate Destination To Avoid Crowds This Summer

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It's easy to choose Paris, Barcelona, or even Iceland, as your next European adventure, but these destinations are often jam-packed with tourists.

Choosing an off-path destination can be tricky.

You don't want to make the wrong decision and waste your time and hard-earned money.

Female tourist visiting Saint Gregory The Illuminator Cathedral in Armenia

It's hard to say Europe is ever a bad idea, except for the select few destinations pushing tourists away.

But there are definitely some places flying way under the radar that are jam-packed with fun, cultural experiences rather than being jam-packed with annoying selfie-taking tourists.

One of them being Armenia, a rarely discussed country when it comes time to book an epic trip.

Full of rich history, welcoming locals, and gorgeous sites, it's time to give the stalwarts of Europe a break and give this incredibly underrated country a chance this summer.

No, It's Not Kardashian Land

Tourist taking photo in Yerevan

Is it Asia? Is it Europe? One thing is for certain – it's not Kardashian Land. One of Armenia's claims to fame, if any, are on opposite ends of the spectrum: America's unofficial royal family, the Kardashians, which it is safe to say are not Armenia's pride and joy.

The other is its heart-wrenching past of genocide, where it is estimated up to 1.2 million innocent people tragically lost their lives.

This shouldn't be a representation of your Armenian experience today unless you're a history buff looking to dive into the country's past and an even more reverent comeback comparable to what Bosnia and Herzegovina is today.

Tourist taking photo in Yerevan

Today, Armenia is simply a beautiful country that is too often passed over because it's viewed as a far-flung, too-hard-to-reach destination, but that's definitely an oversight.

If travelers can enjoy trips to neighboring Turkiye and Georgia, there's no reason Armenia shouldn't make the cut with many connecting flights across Europe.

More Travelers Trickling In

Armenia is undoubtedly the ultimate country to avoid crowds this summer.

That being said, there may be no better time to visit as 2023 saw well over 2 million visitors for the first time.

Scenic view of Yerevan, Armenia

As travel has plowed forward since the dark days of the pandemic, more travelers are pinning their maps farther and farther away from home.

The scenic capital city of Yerevan, backdropped by the unmissable Mount Ararat, will likely be your gateway into the country.

This city has noticeably gained traction in the past year but still isn't to a point where it's anywhere close to being off-putting due to crowds.

Only a “free country” since the early 90's, this city has undergone a huge makeover with trendy shops, restaurants and cafes, but everything is very affordable.

Backpacker in Yerevan

A Dark Past But A Bright Future Ahead

Even as we live in the fast-paced world with new information available at the drop of a hat, revealing travel secrets of new, exciting destinations does take time.

Armenia is seeing rave reviews from those who have visited with many coming back for more fun because they were so blown away with their experience here.

Like Germany and Bosnia, as examples, countries with a dark past often have a fascinating history and it's no different here with plenty of intriguing museums and remnants of Armenia's Soviet past.

Ruins of the Zvartnos temple in Yerevan

While it's hard to put such a grim past aside, Armenia is clearly full steam ahead embracing a new identity as a tourist destination with some travelers going as far to say it's ‘bucket-list worthy' and Europe's ‘best kept secret'.

Cheap, Safe, And Ready To Be Discovered

Travelers can expect cheap day-to-day expenses such as cups of coffee and meals under $5, and so can many tickets to historically themed museums.

Hotel rates can be mind-bogglingly low compared to other European cities with nice stays, such as the Radisson Blue, as low as $30 per night!

Female tourist inside monastery in Armenia

Safety should be of no more concern than anywhere else. To back it up, the U.S. State Department designated Armenia as Level 2 on April 9th.

Travelers can stretch their budget and feel more comfortable going beyond Yerevan, checking out incredible monasteries, ancient ruins, wineries, and even the world’s longest cable car through the stunning scenery of Vorotan Canyon.

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Tony Rosenberger

Tuesday 21st of May 2024

Great stuff! So scenic and beautiful.


Sunday 19th of May 2024

"This Cheap European Country Is..." Armenia is in Asia, West Asia. Not Europe.


Monday 20th of May 2024

@Maarten, Absolutely yes! It's insulting to see so many refer to it (and Israel, for that matter) as European countries. For crying out loud, even Russia has more European land, and no one seems to acknowledge that at all. TIME TO HIT THE GOOD OLD-FASHIONED MAP!