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This Is One Of The Safest Tropical Caribbean Islands For Americans This Winter

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Have you been contemplating a last-minute vacation to a sunny Caribbean island, yet you're unsure where to go, especially when civil wars keep erupting in the Global South and safety levels across multiple international destinations seem to be deteriorating?

Look no further: not only does this gorgeous offshore gem in Mexico boast great weather, stunning natural vistas, and wide availability of rooms, but it ranks as one of the safest islands for American tourists this winter, thanks to its low rates of crime and stricter observation of the law.

Drone View Of A Beach Zone In Cozumel, An Island Off The Maya Coast In Mexico, Latin America, Caribbean Sea

In case it hasn't crossed your mind, beautiful Cozumel is the place to be if feeling safe while unwinding by the beachside is non-negotiable to you:

One Of The Safest Islands In The Caribbean Sea

The largest island in Mexico, Cozumel is soaring in popularity as of late, having recorded up to 360,000 visitors in 2023 alone. This may not sound like much, but taking into account the island's small population of just under 90,000 and its far more limited capacity, the figures are actually quite impressive.

It reflects a trend seen across much of the Mexican Caribbean, which in recent months has led booking trends among Americans taking trips abroad.

They are easily drawn to the secluded beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and top-notch resorts that call the tropical region home.

Cozumel Sign At Cruise Port, Mexico, Latin America

Cozumel is no exception: despite being a relatively small island, at 184.5 m², it has a notoriously high concentration of all-inclusive resorts, tourist-friendly sandy beaches, and a cultural wealth that often gets overlooked by daytrippers arriving in speed boats from the mainland.

With more hotels opening every year and the once-sleepy fishermen's island developing at an unprecedented rate, it's hardly a shock visitors would keep flocking into Cozumel over winter.

The surprising part is that it has retained much of its quaint character, unlike Tulum or Playa Del Carmen on the Mayan Coast.

Palm trees beach path at a beautiful beach in Cozumel, Mexico

Why Is Cozumel Special?

Though it has a great number of bars, adult venues and a lively social scene, it feels worlds apart from Tulum's wild party scene, or Playa's bustling Quinta Avenida teeming with youths at night: it is still a lot of fun, but it is not unhinged fun.

That's part of the reason why it is such a perfect pick for overly cautious travelers worrying about their own safety: the Mexican Caribbean may be comparatively safe when paired with much of Latin America, but crime is rising.

Aerial View Of Cozumel, A Tropical Island Off The Mainland Coast Of The Mexican Caribbean, Near Cancun, Mexico

Recently the Mexican Navy was called in to reinforce security in Tulum, following a spike in crime around the tourist zone.

One thing is clear: there is a higher risk for pickpocketing, violence, drug-related altercations, and other urban issues in larger areas. That's not to say big cities on the Mayan Coast are unsafe: they simply face, well, the usual problems big cities typically do.

Coast Of Cozumel, Mexico, Latin America

The thing about Cozumel is that not only is it a smaller municipality, it is an island at that, and seeing that the only access is via boats or plane, it is a lot easier for law enforcement to keep crime at bay.

Cozumel Is Extremely Safe For American Tourists

According to Numbeo‘s latest report, Cozumel enjoys a ‘very low' crime index of 34.38 on a scale of 0 to 120. That is considered an excellent ratio.

Whether they're boosting their safety levels further by staying in a highly-protected all-inclusive on Cozumel's coast or being more adventurous in booking an Airbnb in San Miguel, the island's charming, compact capital, it is not common that tourists feel under threat from other agents.

Playa El Cielo (The Sky)

That being said, no destination is entirely risk-free, and as part of the state of Quintana Roo, Cozumel is deemed a Level 2 destination by U.S. authorities.

In simpler terms, Americans must maintain a higher level of situational awareness when visiting due to crime, as a general safety advice. We could argue Cozumel is ‘guilty by association', as based on the information cited above, it could easily have been awarded a low-risk Level 1 badge.

Robberies at gunpoint or violent assault are not at all widespread concerns in navy-surveilled Cozumel: if anything, delinquancy is the main issue at hand.

View of Playa Palancar, a beach on mexican island of Cozumel

Cozumel Beaches Are Tourist-Friendly

Safety is not exclusively related to crime, either: keeping beaches and points of interest tourist-friendly is just as important a factor.

As reported by The Cancun Sun, Cozumel is getting even safer with the addition of three new ATVs and a jet ski to the island's inventory. These will allow lifeguards to patrol beach zones much more efficiently, and rescue bathers in danger a lot quicker.

Some of the most popular beaches in Cozumel are Chen Rio, Casitas, Caletita, Las Rocas and San Martin, hosting over 2,000 people each during the peak season, and improvements in the lifeguarding force are sure to be warmly received.

Aerial View Of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

If you haven't booked your sunny getaway yet, you'll be thrilled to know Cozumel is one of a handful of island destinations in the Caribbean where prices for accommodation remain in the normal range.

It is possible to find rooms in the all-inclusive Grand Park Royal Cozumel for as cheap as $359 as early as February, and even cheaper rates at the four-star, oceanfront Coral Princess Hotel & Dive Resort, starting from only $164 per night, per adult.

Rooms in other parts of the Mexican Caribbean that could not be as heavily policed as Cozumel could be now two to three times higher.

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