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This Is The Top Digital Nomad Visa For One Of The Cheapest Countries In The World

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Many countries are following the digital nomad trend by issuing visas catering to the remote worker lifestyle.

The problem is that some of these countries are lost in the sauce in terms of what digital nomads are seeking.

Affordability will always top the list when it comes to remote workers picking a new base for long-term stays, and there is one country that wins the affordability award.

medellin on nice day

Some countries nail it, while others might as well stick to what they're best at since digital nomads can't always meet the stringent visa requirements.

One of the more popular places for digital nomads to call home is a super affordable cultural getaway welcoming remote workers with open arms.

A huge perk in choosing Colombia is the easy-to-obtain digital nomad visa to avoid any potential pitfalls. Straightforward, minimal, and flexible, Colombia's visa checks off all the boxes.

Benefits Of Colombia's Digital Nomad Visa

While Medellin, Cartagena, and Bogota are certainly the top 3 destinations for Colombia's digital nomads, these are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

digital nomad in tropical location

Santa Marta, Pereira, and Cali are all favorites among the nomad community as well. But how are so many nomads making their way to all these places?

You don't even have to make $700 per month to exceed income requirements and can stay for up to 2 years upon approval.

Send in health insurance coverage, a valid passport, and proof of income generated outside Colombia, and you're basically all set after your background check.

Medellin Is Booming

sunset in medellin

Medellin has seen continuous growth over the years among ex-pats, but the nomad scene in particular has been booming!

One might ask why this mountainous city with a dark past is such a draw. The answer is Medellin is the antithesis of what other destinations are trying too hard to be.

Known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, weather is great year-round, adding to the allure as a potential playground for digital nomads.

Factor in a cheap cost of living (even with rising rent), phenomenal culture, reliable wi-fi and a gateway into other gems in Colombia, such as nearby Guatape, it's an easy decision to come here.

charming street of guatape Colombia

Since Colombia's visa allows digital nomads to stay up to 2 years, Medellin takes the cake as a multi-year base, especially with a thriving digital nomad scene already in place to fit right in from the get-go.

Locals and seasoned nomads of Medellin will tell you the only main concern is safety. Although these types of reports are sporadic at best.

We love Medellin so much, Colombia's second-largest city was awarded as a top 4 destination for digital nomads in our first rendition of Travel Off Path's Best In Travel Awards.

Cartagena Passes The Vibe Check

Colombia flag in cartagena

The coastal city of Cartagena may not be a household name, but it passes the vibe check for digital nomads and solo travelers alike.

This eye-popping city is more than a sliver of land packed with high-rises; it's actually a top cultural destination through various sights and eats in Colombia.

Set on the Caribbean coast, travelers will find the right mix of beaches, culture and historical sights. Beyond shiny beach condos, there are ample places to explore, such as the Old Town district.

But perhaps the gorgeous beaches outshine all of Cartagena's attractions. Not often do travelers think of Colombia as a “Caribbean getaway”, but simple geography proves you should.

digital nomad in tropical setting

While typical Caribbean destinations can cost a fortune, Cartagena offers similar vibes at a lower price, which is a major draw for digital nomads.

The Bustling City Of Bogota

The capital of Colombia is a huge city with seemingly nonstop action. Some of that action is a concern for travelers as Bogota doesn't hold the best reputation in terms of safety.

However, that isn't stopping digital nomads from flocking here for culturally rich experiences, cheap accommodations, and one of the best airports to use as a gateway around Latin America.

festive street in bogota

Like Medellin, travelers can expect great weather in a scenic mountainous landscape. Bogota is an urban sprawl with stunning scenery and easy to get around.

Digital nomads love the city's affordable pricing, plentiful co-working spaces, and cafes with some of the best coffee imaginable.

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