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Top 4 TOURIST TRAPS to Avoid To HELP Stop Animals From Being TORTURED

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The shocking truth about many tourist traps has been going on for decades.  Fueled by a massive amount of tourist dollars, these attractions continue to torture animals for profit. Whether it's getting on the back of an elephant or attending a show with killer whales, we are inadvertently paying to support the harm of these animals. 

Filmmaker Jack Harries is helping to pull back the curtain on these atrocious abuses so we can help by NOT giving these attractions our hard earned tourist dollars. Without demand, these tourist traps will eventually dissapear saving animals from years of abuse. 

Below are the Top 4 Tourist Traps Torturing Animals

Jack Harries VIDEO appears at the end of this article. 

Dolphins Performing for audience

Top 4 Tourist Traps Torturing Animals


4. Swimming with Captive Dolphins

At first glance these dolphins appear to be smiling and enjoying their time with humans. Truth is, these dolphins are captured from their ocean homes and imprisoned in chlorinated tanks or tiny sea beds.  Feeding time often involves the dolphins performing meaningless tricks with their only reward being dead fish. Even when they are tired, they're forced to pull tourists around using their dorsal fins and allow tourists to touch them. Despite what the people that profit from their captivity tell you, they lead sad and unfulfilling lives. 

3. Watching Orcas in Marine Parks

Orcas that are held captive in marine parks lead miserable lives. These whales swim up to 100 miles per day in their ocean homes but in captivity tanks, they can do nothing but swim in circles. According to Harries, forcing orcas to live in their tanks would be the equivalent of humans being forced to live in their bathtubs. 

2. Riding an Elephant

Riding an Elephant

Elephants are one of the largest and most stunning animals on earth. Most people that ride elephants don't intend any harm but don't realize how the animal was trained to carry humans on their backs. The elephants have their spirits broken by forcing them down as babies, tying them up, hitting them with sticks and waving flames in their faces all in an effort to force them into obedience. They're often denied food and water and aren't given any breaks from the scorching sun. Often the elephants collapse from heat exhaustion and even die from a heart attack after lugging people around all day. In the video below one tourist learned the hard way that elephants are not ours to use for entertainment. There are great ethical alternatives to elephant riding which gives tourists a chance to see these beautiful animals up close. 

1. Attending or Watching the Running of the Bulls & Bull Fighting

Running of the Bulls Tourist Trap

Tourists traveling to Spain believe bull fighting is part of the culture but that couldn't be further from the truth says Harries. Most Spanish people want to see this blood sport banned. The tourist money is the only thing keeping it alive at this point. The vast majority of people that attend the bull fights are absolutely appalled when they see the defensless bulls stabbed over and over again and acutally die in a pool of their own blood. Many tourists who participate in the running of the bulls believe it's an experience that's brave and fun but do not realize is the same bulls who are butchered in the ring later that day. 

Top 4 Tourist Traps to Avoid To Help Stop Animals From Being Tortured

  1. Attending the Running of the Bulls or a Bull Fight
  2. Riding an Elephant
  3. Watching Orcas in Marine Park
  4. Swimming with captive dolphins

Jack Harries in cooperation with PETA UK Video on Tourist Traps To Avoid

Warning: This video contains distressing scenes involving animals and partial nudity 

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Wednesday 10th of July 2019

Thank you so much for bringing awareness to what these animals actually endure and go through just to "entertain" people. I equate it to almost the Gladiator games in Rome. I really hope that people vote with their dollars and that these end once and for all.

Trevor Kucheran

Thursday 11th of July 2019

I agree!! Once tourists stop supporting these attractions they will become a thing of the past. Thanks for the comment!