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Top 5 Places To Visit In the Magical Town Of Mazamitla, Mexico

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Just two hours from the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, you’ll find the town of Mazamitla. It was designated a Magical Town in 2005 because of its charm, traditions, and community. Its inhabitants are friendly, and the architecture is provincial. A pleasant climate and traditional festivals make it a truly magical destination. It’s one of the most attractive destinations in Mexico, and here are five reasons travelers should visit the Magical Town of Mazamitla.

Church of San Cristobal

This iconic church is not a very common architecture style for a building from the middle of the past century. It maintains an eclectic style with Chinese influences, where the color that stands out the most is white. Its main door is an arch, and at the top, there’s a rectangular window and an impressive clock. The interior is somber, but its exterior captures the attention of tourists.

Traditional Markets

Explore this town and its gastronomy, handicrafts, and much more, walking between the corridors of its markets. In these vibrant places, you can enjoy a good birria, the famous dishes of the region. And for dessert, a locally harvested coffee and a piece of homemade sweet bread. You can find different jewelry, textiles, sweets, rompope liquor, and much more. It’s a nice place with a vibrant atmosphere, the people who work there are very attentive. It’s a must-stop to start the day.

Suspension Bridge

There is a park called Mundo Aventura, where you can take a guided tour outdoors, passing between the beautiful mountains and a natural environment that will make you enjoy even more. There are options for children and adults, and you can find family packages that include different activities. Crossing this bridge is a complete wonder; the views are incredible. It’s an excellent option to take pictures in the middle of the landscapes that nature offers. It’s 1150 feet long and 490 feet high, capable of holding up to a hundred people simultaneously.

Walk in the Woods to the Waterfall

Mazamitla has a delightful climate perfect for exploring the woods if you’re looking for something calm and relaxed. Here you can appreciate the tall trees and the animals that inhabit the area. The most common are rabbits, squirrels, and birds. You’ll rarely find any larger species. There is a route to El Salto Waterfall that you can arrive on your own or on horseback or ask for a tour that takes you to the site with the comfort of transportation. It’s hard to get lost in this area, but it helps to ask for directions or bring a map.

Explore the Sierra del Tigre

If you want to travel along these roads, it’s advisable to travel by car, preferably in optimal condition, because the roads are unpaved and difficult to access. It’s an off-road experience, but you can also choose to explore it on foot or rent specialized vehicles. If you like hiking, this is an excellent idea. The path takes you to a natural viewpoint of 9200 feet above sea level. From here you can see the towns of Valle de Juárez and El Sabino. It’s a stunning view, and there are times of the year where the clouds appear below you, which gives you an incredible feeling of being on top of the world.

What is the Weather like in Mazamitla?

It can be warm in the summer, but at night it always cools down enough to want to wear a light jacket. In winter it gets cold, you’ll require warm clothes. Mazamitla is also known as the “Mexican Switzerland” for the charming lodging options. In these lodges you’ll have a fireplace, so your evenings will be spent enjoying a cozy warm cabin. There are also small hotels with heating, which include more services but are not entirely an authentic Mazamitla experience.

How to get to Mazamitla?

A bus leaves every hour from Guadalajara’s Central Bus Station, from 5:45 am to 7 pm. It’s about a two and a half hour trip. The junction is located in the town of Tuxcueca. You can arrive in your vehicle, but you have to consider paying for parking or having a space in your accommodation. Many streets in Mazamitla don’t allow parking.

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Mazamitla is a destination worth visiting, getting lost for a few days in the forest and enjoying some peace and relaxation. This is an ideal trip to take as a couple or as a family.

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