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Top 5 Things To Do On Long Haul Flights And What To Avoid

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Getting on a flight to your vacation destination is supposed to be exciting but it can often leave you feeling drained and jet-lagged. To help you stay fresh, we have a list of the dos and don'ts of international travel. So kick back, grab your in-flight snack, and prepare for take-off!


Move Your Body

Although it might be tempting to stay glued to your monitor binge-watching your favorite new show, your body will thank you for a chance to stand up and move around. If you are sitting for long periods, the blood in your body tends to pool in your foot and legs – leaving your muscles feeling stiff and sore. Get up and take a stroll around the plane once in a while to stretch your legs. Look into buying a pair of compression socks; they are a handy tool to keep your blood pumping the whole flight through.

Learn The Language

If you are heading to a destination which you have never visited, it always helps to know a bit of the language. Many flights offer language learning apps on the seat monitor, or you can download Duolingo on your phone to study offline. On the way home, you can use the app to practice what you’ve learned so that you can impress your family and friends! 

Get Creative

A long-distance flight gives you plenty of free time to reminisce about your adventures. Make the most of your time by writing or sketching in your travel journal to remind your future self of all the fun you had. Take the chance to finally fill in those postcards you bought but never sent. Or write a letter to someone you met on your travels.

Stay moisturized 

The climate-controlled cabin on your plane can leave you feeling dehydrated since the air is so dry. Make sure to drink plenty of water and moisturize throughout the flight, so that you feel refreshed when you reach your destination. A great way to stay refreshed is to bring a hydrating facial mask with you, slap one on while watching a movie, or resting your eyes and wake up feeling fresh.

Tune In

If you are trying to stay on a sleep schedule but you just can’t relax; try turning off the TV and plug in your noise-canceling headphones. Watching the in-flight movies, reading a book, or completing a crossword can keep your brain engaged and prevent you from sleeping. Instead, try listening to an audiobook or podcast using the Audible app. Just sign up for a free trial, download your favorite book, relax, and get some shut-eye. 


Drink Too Much Alcohol

You’re on holiday, why not celebrate? Although having a complimentary cocktail or two might seem like a great idea at the time, remember that everything is better in moderation. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes your body to become dehydrated quickly. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling revitalized, make sure to drink plenty of water and wait to celebrate once the plane lands.

Ruin Your Sleep Schedule

If you’re traveling through multiple time zones, keep the time of arrival at your destination in mind. Napping on the plane can be nice, but it might leave you feeling even more jet-lagged once you reach your destination. If you are going to arrive at night, try to stay awake throughout the flight by keeping yourself occupied with work, movies, or books. If you are arriving in the morning, don’t forget your neck pillow, eye mask, and noise-canceling headphones to help you sleep the whole night through.

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Friday 18th of June 2021

I usually look forward to reading a book or watching movies in a plane. Other than that, I hate flying so I try to avoid it as much as possible... I prefer the train, bus or boat; much more interesting and better for the planet ;-).