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Top 7 Destinations For Digital Nomads This Winter

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Our list of top destinations for digital nomads this winter all offer decent internet for your online work, good weather, amazing food, and more. Plus, you'll be sure to meet other digital nomads to share the experience with at one of these hot spots. And with all Covid-related entry requirements eliminated for all of these destinations, they are much more accessible for 2022.

Digital nomads are always searching for their next destination to visit. Whether it be mountainside, beachside, or an apartment in a bustling global city, the hunt for the perfect (temporary) home is a constant one. 

Young woman enjoying sitting on chaise-lounge, working on laptop, ocean in the background

Madeira, Portugal

If your sights are set on Portugal for the winter, know that Madeira is one of the best-rated destinations overall for digital nomads. With good quality of living, relative affordability, a good community score (ability to meet other nomads), and fast internet, Madeira seems to tick all the right boxes.

Located southwest off the coast of Portugal, Madeira is a set of 4 islands offering amazing nature, culture, and more. While other islands off the mainland, like the Azores, has their highest rainfall during the months of December and January, Madeira is blessed with mild temperatures in winter (an average of 65 Fahrenheit ain't bad!). So start planning your trip now to find comfortable accommodation to lay your laptop and rest and rejuvenate this winter. 

mountainous coastline in the north of Madeira on a sunny day, turquoise mountains and a hiking trail along the coast

Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Thailand announced it would fully open from October 1st, 2022, and travelers are rejoicing. The Land of Smiles has been a digital nomad hot spot for years prior to the pandemic, and from the looks of it, Thailand will be a go-to destination for digital nomads once again. 

Because you're all longing for that island life, head on over to Koh Pha Ngan, where you'll find amazing beaches, food, and affordable co-working spaces so you can focus while you're not enjoying the beach or hitting up a local market to devour some more pad Thai. 

With zero Covid-related entry requirements and the new tourist visa extension initiative by the local government, Thailand is looking more appealing than ever.

Bright beautiful Tropic landscape, Thailand, Koh Phangan Island, the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Lila Beach

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen has won the hearts of many wandering souls. The city offers a great mix of culture, warm weather, and amenities that make it consistently one of the best destinations for digital nomads in the winter. It's really developed over the years lots of vacation homes, condos, and even practical things like dental clinics and modern hospitals have made Playa an ideal place to stay for a longer-term stay. 

And with so much to do and see, there are so many ways to meet other travelers and nomads. Suffice it to say, this tropical destination is not going away anytime soon. 

Another bonus is that more co-working spaces have popped up recently in Playa del Carmen, catering to the influx of digital nomads. Because it's such a popular spot for digital nomads from around the world, start looking for rentals early if you want to visit in December and into January and February. For more helpful info, here's a guide on everything you need to know before visiting Playa del Carmen.

arches along the beach in Playa Del Carmen

Puglia, Italy

While Italy might be your go-to destination for summer travel, don't rule it out for an unforgettable, longer-term winter getaway. And an idyllic coastal destination in the Adriatic Sea might just be the perfect place to do just that.

The region of Puglia in southeastern Italy has been trending as a digital nomad destination recently. Towns like Bari and Salento offer ideal weather and fewer crowds, so you can relax and enjoy the local vibe while working from a nearby co-working space. Travelers from the U.S. and Canada can currently get 90 days visa-free in the EU, which Italy is a part of, so why not take advantage and live your best life this winter? Three months living along the coast of Italy doesn't sound too shabby, eh?

Street in Trulli of Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Over the past years, Canggu has grown into one of Bali's major tourist hubs as well as one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia for digital nomads. Nomadlist consistently rates this surf city as a top spot for nomads. Visiting Canggu during the winter means amazing weather and lots of other nomads to meet.

Plus, as Covid-related entry requirements have been dropped and a new 6-month digital nomad visa is in place for remote workers, Bali is now more accessible for digital nomads than it's been in years. 

aerial view of travelers relaxing under the shade in Canggu, Bali, palm trees in the forefront.

Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica has been an inviting destination for travelers for decades now. The country also proved to be a popular recluse for remote workers during the pandemic, and the trend continues for this upcoming winter. Costa Rica was even crowned the Leading Adventure Tourism Destination for Mexico & Central America for 2022 by the World Travel Awards.

There are so many positives that make Costa Rica an ideal digital nomad destination, including the new official digital nomad visa that was announced this past summer. The visa is one of the easiest to apply for; the only catch is that you have to prove a monthly income of at least 3,000 USD and have travel insurance for the entirety of your stay. You can see the application here.

Costa Rica, young girl looking at the ocean at sunset, Playa Carmen.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

If you're in search of a sense of community when on the road, then signing up for a co-working or even co-living space is a great way to start if you're a digital nomad. 

Not only is Tenerife a gorgeous place to spend a few weeks during the winter months, but there are also some notable digital nomad co-living spaces on the islands that offer a sense of home and great views to boot.

A co-living space means you can settle in for a month or so (it's also cheaper to book longer term rather than nightly or weekly stays) and get to know your new destination. This is perfect if you're an aspiring digital nomad and want to get a sense of the lifestyle. To get you started, here's a list of 8 co-living spaces in Tenerife

Amazing view of beach las Teresitas with yellow sand in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

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