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Toronto GO Train Passenger HORRIFIED by Man’s Action on Seat

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Traveling on the Go Train is a cost effective, efficient and usually comfortable way to travel from Toronto to surrounding cities. Unfortunately some passengers just don't respect train etiquette or the other passengers on board. 

On a recent trip, a Go Train passenger who only wanted to be identified by her first name “Crystal” was disgusted by the behavior of another rider across from her. The man suffering from some sort of foot problem removed his shoes to expose his bare feet. She explained It was bad enough that he had done that, but when he placed his bare feet on the seat across from him, she was absolutely disgusted. 

"Normally I would never post something like this but I am absolutely DISGUSTED that someone actually thinks it’s ok to do this. Your dirty fungi-filled bare feet DO NOT belong on the go train seat, floor, or anywhere else that other people’s body parts will be. STOP BEING GROSS AND PUT YOUR DAMN SHOES ON"

Go train Rider puts feet on seat
Passenger with his feet on the seat on the Go Train

Facebook users that read Crystals post were equally horrified. One comment read “That is gross..bringing my own tarp next trip” 

Another commenter explained “This is why my I don't wear outside clothes inside the house! especially never in my couches or bed. You never know who was sitting somewhere before you.”

One commenter asked if it was possibly because “he couldn't afford shoes?”

In a response Crystal stated “Oh he had them! He just took them off as soon as he sat down. Definitely not a money issue. The lady sitting next to him appeared to be his wife and was wearing Michael Kors shoes.”

Passengers placing their feet on the seats and unruly behavior isn't anything new on the Go Train. There is actually a twitter account @GotrainShame dedicated to shaming passengers who don't respect other riders. 

The problem on public transportation is so bad that Go Transit actually created a 51 page humorous free ebook for passengers to learn about proper etiquette on the trains. 

Some of the top tips include:

  • Not putting bags or feet on seats
  • Not encroaching on others space 
  • Ignoring people with disabilities by using priority seating
  • No littering
  • Keeping your headphone music low 
  • Not performing personal hygiene such as cutting fingernails

Have you experienced bad etiquette while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!