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TSA Publishes Guidance For Travelers Over Halloween

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The Transport Secretary Administration (TSA) has just published guidance designed to keep travelers safe and minimize any potential issues or disruptions that may arise as a result of how they choose to celebrate the Halloween festivities. With travel disruptions and hold ups often proving to be more of a horror show for travelers than the latest blockbuster scary movies, the guidance is a series of “tricks” designed to make traveling during the Halloween holidays the treat that it should be. 

From timely reminders on which costumes and props may be prohibited on board your flight, to recapping what can and cannot be placed in your carry on or checked luggage, the TSA has ensured that all the bases have been covered for travelers. Here’s a look at the guidance they published yesterday, and why some items are better off just left at home. 

The TSA’s 5 Travel Tricks – Information For Travelers

Trick 1 – wear your face mask over your mouth and nose. Whilst many Halloween costumes consist of the use of creepy masks or elaborate makeup effects, the TSA pointed out that the wearing of face masks is still very much a requirement on all of the US’s transportation networks, and will be until January 18th, 2022. The TSA recommends that Halloween masks are kept in carry-on or checked luggage until after checkpoint screening in order to prevent causing any unnecessary delays. 

Trick 2 – be wary of your costumes. Whilst costumes are often many people’s favorite part of Halloween, some costumes can set off alarms when going through the checkpoints – and some may be easier to remove than others. The TSA recommends that travelers hold off from putting on their costumes until they pass through the security checkpoints to avoid any potential hold-ups.

Trick 3 – choose your props carefully. It might seem that no Halloween costume is complete without a scythe, sword or other spooky accessory, but arriving at a security checkpoint with these in tow could cause a multitude of problems. To avoid delays and drama, pack them in your checked baggage instead. With regards to replica bombs and grenades, the TSA strongly suggests avoiding bringing these on board an aircraft at all. Bringing them into the airport will be met with a strong response from the TSA and will more than likely result in a fine. 

Trick 4 – don’t be afraid to bring your candy haul. Fortunately for trick or treaters, the TSA does not have a limit on the amount of candy you can bring on board a flight, but the rules on liquids still remain. The TSA allows each passenger to have 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less of a liquid, gel, or aerosol in a 1 quart-sized bag, so it would be wise if travelers waited until they were through the security checkpoints before purchasing any liquids or drinks. 

Trick 5 – double check your props. According to the TSA, this year has seen a record number of travelers seeing real firearms confiscated at security checkpoints, with many claiming to have simply forgotten they had it with them. With a maximum fine of $14,000 and criminal prosecution at stake, double check your props and your luggage. 

By following these tips and tricks, travelers will ensure that their Halloween trips go off without a hitch. For those looking for inspiration on where to head, take a look at this list of some of the US’s most haunted locations – if you dare. 

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