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27 Most Unique Hotels in the World – Amazing and Unusual Stays

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Between staying in an old lighthouse, to sleeping in a library book shelf, there is no shortage of quirky and unique hotels across the globe. We researched everything from ice hotels to jungle treehouse accommodations to bring you a list of the MOST UNIQUE hotels in the world.

Unlike other unique hotel round-ups, we haven’t just picked the most expensive properties out there. Cool, unusual and unique hotels aren’t just for the rich and famous. This unique hotel list will fit into ANY budget with rare hotels starting at just $6 a night, going all the way up to an insane $50,000.

Your bucket list deserves more than just four walls of the same old boring hotel stay.  

27 Most Unique Hotels in the World

Stay in a Wigwam 

The Wigwam Motel – San Bernardino, California

While you are cruising down Route 66 you can pull into this very unique roadside motel, The Wigwam. Built in 1949 it's a nod back to those great American road trip days and makes a fun and quirky place to stay. Prices start around $100/n, so you won't break the bank here. 

Spend The Night in Jail

The HI Jail Hostel – Ottawa, Canada

Imagine spending the night in your own jail cell… without the sentence! At the HI Jail Hostel in Ottawa you can choose your own inmate adventure. You can sleep in a dorm room with other ‘prisoners', or choose your own single cell. Every morning you will be greeted with breakfast and even a free jail tour, and of course, your freedom! Dorm rooms start around $23/n. 

Sleep in a Bubble

Finn Lough Resort, Northern Ireland

Likely one of the most unique hotel rooms on the planet. These idyllic bubble domes are set back into the green forest of Northern Ireland and offer guests a true escape. The transparent walls give you an uninterrupted 180° view of the trees and the sky, which past guests have said is phenomenal on a clear night. Just imagine the star gazing! Prices start around $275/n.

Stay in a Old Chapel & Hospital 

The Jaffa, Tel Aviv

The exclusive Jaffa Hotel has so much history, I'm not sure exactly how to classify it! In the lobby stands an original piece of the wall from the 13th century crusaders, in the 1800's the building functioned as a French hospital, and today it's gorgeous chapel has been turned into a hotel bar. You won't find this kind of ‘wow' factor anywhere else!  

Spend the Night in a Dream Land

Nido De Quetzalcoatl, Mexico City

This serpent twisting through the forest near Mexico City is actually a collection of 10 houses developed by architect Javier Sanosiain. The photo above is just ONE of those houses, as the entire development stretches out over five thousand square metres. This quirky and creative AirBnB sleeps 10 and starts around $250/n.

Sleep in an Airplane

Cockpit Cottage, Costa Rica

It doesn't get more unique than an airplane hotel room in the trees. AV geeks will love the chance to sleep inside a MD-80 airplane! The interior is much more cozy than you would expect because local teak wood has been installed on the walls, giving it some serious ambience. It was all the creature comforts that you need, like AC and lots of plugs. One of the best parts… it comes with an ocean view from the bed!

Stay With The Giraffes 

Giraffe Manor – Cape Town, South Africa

Giraffe Manor has been on my personal bucket list for a while now, and the photo above will tell you why! Intimate interactions with adorable giraffes! Does it get any better? Yes, they will actually poke their heads through the windows in hopes of getting a treat, which guests are welcome to oblige! Rates might seem expensive at this exotic boutique property, but they do include full board and even chaffered vehicles. And can you really put a price on giraffes? Rates start at $680/pppn

Spend the Night in a Curious Cube

Cube House – Rotterdam, Netherlands 

When an architect was faced with a challenge on how to build homes over a pedestrian bridge, this is how he answered the call – with curious and strange cube homes. Not only are the outside of the homes unforgettable, but the inside too. Each room is oddly shaped with angled walls and interesting skylights. The cubes are right in the heart of Rotterdam, making them a great jumping off point to tour the city.

Sleep in an Igloo

The Kakslauttanen Resort has both glass AND more traditional snow igloos for guests to choose from. Their world-famous glass igloos are most popular because in season guests can see a Northern Lights show while laying in bed! When you're not enjoying the view from your room, the hotel offers tours like dog sledding and a reindeer safari. Rates start around $600/n.

Stay in an Underwater Room

The Manta Resort, Tanzania

The underwater room at Manta Resort is the ultimate honeymoon splurge. Not only do guests have a completely submerged bedroom, but also an above-water living space on a private floating island. The only way to get to it is by speedboat.
And who needs to snorkel? Fish and other creatures swim right up to the windows of the bedroom! It's a magical and unforgettable experience. Rates start at $1,700/n.

Spend the Night in an Underwater Hotel Suite

The Conrad – Maldives, Rangali Island

Lottery winners and millionaires alike won't have an issue blowing cash on this luxurious stay. Take underwater hotel rooms to the next level with the Muraka suite in the Conrad Hotel, Maldives. Not only does the room come with a private chef, butler and trainer, but the underwater glass suite has 180° views making guests feel like they're sleeping in a private aquarium. Rates for the Muraka suite start at $50,000/n…ouch!

Sleep in a Double Decker Bus

BertramsDevon, UK

Fancy a chance to sleep inside an iconic double decker bus? Bertrams has been wonderfully styled with 1950's decor throughout, making guests feel as if they've stepped back in time. (Really you have to see the inside, it's adorable!)
The bus sleeps 5, comes with a hot-tub and is situated on a farm with roaming alpacas and goats. Truly one of a kind accommodations. Rates start at $120/n.

Stay in a Train Car

Crown Plaza, Indianapolis

History buffs rejoice! Not only can you spend the night in an actual train car, but with active tracks running beside the hotel, you'll actually FEEL and HEAR the sounds of passing trains. The pullman style rooms have been recently renovated, but still kept a little 1920's flare. Rates start around $180/n.

Spend the Night in a Shipping Container

CCasa Container Hotel – Nha Trang, Vietnam

Using old shipping containers and new recycled materials, the team at Ccasa made a unique and environmentally responsible hostel! Not only are the rooms super modern and comfortable, but the prices are insanely affordable! Did I mention the beach is only 22m away? Rates for a mixed dorm container starts at $6 and a private container at $26.

Sleep in an Airstream in the Desert

Airstream AirBnB– Joshua Tree, California

Take glamping to the next level with this retro Airstream set on 5 private acres of desert land. It's the perfect unique getaway for those who need some quiet time with nature. The sunrises and sunsets from Joshua Tree are hard to beat! Inside the RV you still have all the creature comforts like AC, fridge, shower with hot water and a microwave. Rates start around $95/n.

Stay in an Ice Hotel

IceHotel Sweden

A bone-chillingly unique hotel stay for the brave. The IceHotel in Sweden gives you a chance to immerse yourself in an icy art installation. During the day the rooms are part of a museum, and at night they transform into guest rooms. Don't worry, even though the rooms are frosty and cold, the beds are lined with reindeer fur and extra warm sleeping bags. If you can make it until morning, the staff wakes you up with hot lingonberry tea. Rates start around $320/n.

Spend the Night in The Trees

Free Spirit Spheres– British Columbia, Canada

Who doesn’t want to stay in a floating ball in the middle of the coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island!? The Free Spirit Spheres are most likely the most unique accommodations you’ll ever lay eyes on. Made from local cedar and spruce woods, these round rooms are cozy even in the cooler summer nights. Fall asleep with the natural sway of the trees and wake up to the sounds of nature happening all around you.
Starts at $300/n

Sleep Inside a Wine Barrel 

Schlaffass – Pfaffstätten, Austria

Yes, this is for real – you can sleep inside a wine barrel in the Austrian countryside. They actually just re-opened this year with more barrels and amenities, like wifi, keyless entry and breakfast delivered to your barrel. Rates start around $60/n.

Stay in an Overwater Bunglaow

Four SeasonsBora Bora

You've likely seen the Four Season's jaw-dropping suites on Instagram, or maybe they're already on your Pinterest board. Sleeping in a private over-water bungalow has to be of the most romantic and exotic hotel stays of all. You literally get your own thatched roof bungalow perched above the crystal clear waters. Some even come with their own pool. While the suites might be a stretch for some almost perfect reviews for the resort prove it's worth the price. Rates start at $1700/n.

Spend the Night in a Library's Bookshelf

Book and Bed Tokyo, Japan

A new and unique concept for a capsule type hotel – the Book and Bed. Instead of a sealing capsule pod, the ‘rooms' are behind a curtain tucked into a real library bookshelf. It's a bookworms dream with hundreds of reads to choose from. You can read in the privacy of your hidden bunk, or bring a book to the hostels cafe. One of the best parts of this quirky hostel is how close you are to Shinjuku Station and many other attractions. Rates start at $55/n.

Sleep in a Tipi

Dreamcatcher Tipi HotelYellowstone, Montana

Just 5 miles from the entrance of Yellowstone National Park, you'll find these handsome tipis to spend the night. Each tipi is 22 ft high and comes with heaters, cozy decor and a view of the mountains. Each night the property throws campfires complete with complimentary smores and wine. Stays are seasonal between May to September.

Stay in a Castle

Ashford CastleNorthern Ireland

Founded in 1228 and later purchased by the Guiness family, this palatial castle is brimming with culture and history. The Ashford Castle is not only magnificent, but it has a cult following among guests. 5 star after 5 star review with countless people claiming “best stay of my life!” will have you wanting to book right now. It's been used to film movies, house famous guests and continues to win prestigious hospitality awards. Rates start around $480/n.

Spend the Night in a Yacht

Old DreamMallorca, Spain

You don't have to be a billionaire to sleep in a yacht… just rent one on AirBnB for a tiny fraction of the cost. Spend the night in the Old Dream in the waters of Mallorca and bring some friends. The yacht sleeps 6 and has 2 bathrooms on board. Rates start at $1250/n.

Stay in a Lighthouse

The LighthouseTranoy, Norway

Get the best northern lights show right from bed inside this gorgeous lighthouse in Norway. While your tucked in, you have a 360° view of whats going on outside. The interior is super modern and has features like heated floors, so no matter the temperature outside, you'll be warm and cozy. Rates start around $260/n.

Spend the night in a Sea Shell House

Casa Caracol Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Situated away from hectic Cancun, the Seashell House is on the beautiful island ‘Isla Mujeres' and is sure to impress. What better way to have a tropical vacation than inside this incredibly unique vacation rental? Literally shaped like a seashell, every detail inside and out resembles the same theme. Rates start at $300/n.

Sleep in a Cave

The caves of Matera, Italy show evidence of civilizations living in them from almost 9000 years ago! Recently this hotel group took 10 years to painstakingly carve out 18 beautiful hotel rooms, without disturbing the integrity and spirit of the caves. Everything about the room brings you back in time. Antique cloth bed linens, room features carved directly into the walls, and even enjoying dinner in the old church. Rates start at $280/n.

27 of the World's Most Unique Hotels:

  1. Wigwam Motel, California
  2. Jail Cell Hostel, Ottawa
  3. Finn Lough Bubble, Ireland
  4. The Jaffa, Tel Aviv
  5. Nido De Quetzalcoatl, Mexico City
  6. Cockpit Cottage, Costa Rica
  7. Giraffe Manor, South Africa
  8. Cube House, Rotterdam
  9. Kakslauttanen Igloo, Finland
  10. The Manta Resort, Tanzania
  11. The Underwater Suite at Conrad, Maldives
  12. Double Decker Bus, UK
  13. Train Car Hotel, Indianapolis
  14. Shipping Container Ccasa, Nha Trang
  15. Airstream AirBnB, Joshua Tree
  16. IceHotel, Sweden
  17. Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia
  18. Wine Barrel Hotel, Austria
  19. Four Seasons Overwater Bungalow, Bora Bora
  20. Book and Bed Hostel, Tokyo
  21. Dreamcatcher Tipi, Montana
  22. Ashford Castle Hotel, Northern Ireland
  23. Old Dream Yacht, Mallorca
  24. Lighthosue AirBnB, Norway
  25. Sea Shell House, Mexico
  26. Cave Hotel, Italy


Friday 21st of July 2023

Giraffe manor is in Nairobi, kenya. Stop misleading people.


Friday 10th of February 2023

Ashford Castle Hotel is located in Republic of Ireland not Northen Ireland


Thursday 10th of December 2020

Really unique hotels. I really want to stay in the Ice Hotel


Thursday 18th of June 2020

Giraffe manor is in Nairobi Kenya I believe

Amanda Ball

Thursday 10th of October 2019

Such a great list. Thanks for sharing!