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Unusual HOTEL Request For CHRIS PRATT Photo Leaves GUEST Delighted

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If you've ever filled in the request box when booking a hotel room, you know the hotel will usually try their best to accommodate it. Whether it be a high floor, corner room or even an extra bed, the front desk staff get a plethora of requests.  

What if your request was an unusual one? Caitlin St. Arnauld wanted to see just how far the hotel would go to make her smile. She requested to have a photo placed in her room of Chris Pratt upon arrival

At check in, she was delighted to find that the Ramada Hotel in Grayling, Michigan took the time and actually granted her unusual request. A sticky note on the door of her hotel room read “Per your request, hope you have a great stay. -Front Desk“. Along with the note was a photo of Chris Pratt

Unusual Guest Request For Chris Pratt
Photo of Chris Pratt taped to Caitlin St Arnaud hotel room door (Photo Credit: Provided by Caitlin St. Arnauld)

St. Arnauld is an avid traveler that posted the photo in a private facebook group. The photo quickly attracted over 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments. She told Travel Off Path that she asked for a Chris Pratt photo because she had been watching Parks and Recreation lately and thought he was “sexy”.

Ramada Grayling Michigan
The Ramada by Wyndham in Grayling, Michigan (Credit:

 The fact they actually granted her request made feel “absolutely giddy” and will be a “loyal guest” for life when she's in the area said St. Arnauld

"It made me feel super giddy! I am now a loyal guest. I will definitely stay with them anytime I’m in the area! Especially because when I was checking out they told me how they were fighting over who got to look up the picture and how it made their day!"

Photo of room at Ramasa Guest request for chris pratt
Ramada Hotel room Caitlin St. Arnaud & her boyfriend stayed in (Credit:

St. Arnauld says this was the first time she had ever filled in the ‘special requests' box and was so happy to see the photo when she arrived. Her boyfriend may have not loved the gesture as much. She posted the photo up in the bathroom for the duration of their stay.

My boyfriend was laughing at me because I took pictures and then put it on the bathroom wall in our hotel room. That way I could look at it every time I went to the bathroom. It totally made me feel special that the hotel granted my request for the photo.

The Ramada Hotel in Grayling is a 3 star hotel that averages around $70 per night. That goes to show, you don't have to stay in a luxury hotel to be treated like a VIP. To all Hotel Managers out there, we hope you're paying attention..It's the little things that make us feel special. 

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