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Vaccinated U.S. Travelers Can Now Enter Italy Without Testing

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Fully vaccinated Americans, Canadians, and Brits – from 1 March – will be able to enter Italy without having to take a Covid test.

Along with other travelers from non-European countries – visitors from the U.S. – will also be able to visit Italy for tourism purposes, with the EU’s non-essential travel ban expiring on 1 March.

Gondola in Venice, Italy

There will also be no requirement for Americans and Canadians – and other non-EU citizens – to undergo quarantine upon their arrival into the country.

What does this now mean for Americans traveling to Italy?

Basically, it will mean that from 1 March, American citizens that visit Italy will be able to enter the country by showing one of the below:

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  • A valid vaccination certificate
  • A certificate showing that you have recovered from Covid-19 
  • A negative Covid test result (must be within 48 hours for a Rapid-Antigen test or within 72 hours of taking a PCR test).

At this present time – and until 1 March – arrivals into Italy, from non-EU nations, are required to show either a valid vaccination certificate or certificate showing that they have recently recovered from the Covid-19 virus, as well as a negative covid test result. From 1 March, however, Americans – and other non-EU travelers – will be able to obtain Italy’s Green Pass by showing proof of just one of the above-listed requirements.

Covid green pass

Is your vaccine certificate valid for entry to Italy?

You will only be recognized as fully vaccinated – by the Italian authorities – if you have received the most recent dose of your covid vaccine within the previous six months.

Is your Covid-recovery certificate valid for entry to Italy?

Plane over venice, Italy

If you are looking to enter Italy by showing a certificate proving that you have recovered from having had Covid-19, your certificate must show that it has been no longer than six months since your initial positive test result for the virus. This rule is applicable to all individuals aged 12 and above.

Can you still travel to Italy without being fully vaccinated?

Yes, you can.

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However, all unvaccinated arrivals will be required to take a pre-departure covid test – this includes individuals who have received vaccines against covid-19, which the European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not currently recognize.

Italy’s ‘Super’ Green Pass

Milan international airport, Italy

It is important to note, that although unvaccinated visitors will be able to obtain Italy’s Green Pass with proof of a negative covid test result, they will not qualify for the country’s ‘Super’ Green Pass – which is only being granted to vaccinated travelers – as well as individuals who have recovered from the virus.

The Super Green Pass – as well as being an essential tool for travelers – is a requirement for those wanting to use public transport, dine in restaurants, stay in hotels, and visit other places of interest inside Italy.

Italy dessert shop

Italy looking to end its Covid-19 state of emergency

As well as further relaxing its entry requirements for those looking to visit the country for tourism purposes, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has just announced that the country’s Covid-19 state of emergency will end later next month (31 March). This means that from the beginning of April, the measures – that were put in place around two years ago when Italy became the epicenter for Covid-19 – will start to be lifted.

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This includes the lifting of quarantine – which individuals are currently required to undergo if they have had contact with a covid-positive individual – as well as the requirement to present a ‘green pass’ when attending an outdoor event.

Tourists Boarding Gondola In Venice, Italy

And, there is little to doubt that with the country beginning to relax both its entry requirements for travelers – as well as lifting its internal covid-19 measures – it will soon be on its way back to welcoming the numbers of tourists that visited the nation in pre-pandemic times.

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Zehra Sarajlic

Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

I am traveling with kids 9 and 8 years old in April do they have to have vacation

lindsay blue

Friday 25th of February 2022

I am hoping you can help. I am traveling on an American Passport. I am fully vaccinated (and booster) and will be traveling to Italy on April 1.

I will have been in the Dominican Republic for 3 months and traveling from Santo Domingo to Paris... Paris to Florence. Silly question but do i follow the rules of France or Italy and then do i follow the rules of the US or DR? I am trying to understand but it is a bit confusing...

lindsay blue

Saturday 26th of February 2022

@lindsay blue, and by Santo Domingo to Paris I mean only as a layover on our way to Florence if that helps.



Thursday 24th of February 2022

If my two initial doses were in April, 2021, and my booster was in November, 2021, will I not be considered fully vaccinated in June, 2022?

Kashlee Kucheran

Thursday 24th of February 2022

Come June, there will be an entirely different set of rules, if any at all. They will soon need to amend the vaccination expiry date, as many people's boosters will be set to expire and many nations have not approved additional boosters beyond that.