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VeriFLY Health Passport Now Offered By More U.S. Airlines

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Recent U.S. travel regulations and restrictions, specifically those relating to the requirement of international arrivals presenting a COVID-19 test result, have created a heightened demand for software and technologies to assist travelers.

Subsequently, Alaska airlines has moved to offer VeriFLY, a would-be health passport to provide travelers with expedited check-in and verification for arrival into the U.S.

Alaska Airlines plane Los Angeles, California

American Airlines, which had already previously implemented the use of the VeriFLY health passport, is moving to expand access of its use for travel to an additional eight countries.

British Airways will also be trialing the VeriFLY mobile health passport for customers traveling from London to the U.S.

Both British Airways and American are current members of the oneworld alliance, with Alaska soon to join.

American Airlines Oneworld alliance

The availability of digital health passports is believed to be effective in streamlining the check-in process by reducing wait times for verifying documents, as well as increase credibility and verification of documents.

Growing travel requirements around the globe have led to a black-market of fake and altered COVID-19 test results and documentation.

How VeriFLY Works

Travelers will first need to download the VeriFLY app, which is available for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Following download, users will be prompted to register and create a user profile with a photo.

Next, users will need to input their flight details, specifically the country of destination and inbound flight details.

Upon completion of profile setup and confirmation of flight details, the app will generate a pre-travel ‘to-do’ list for the user to complete to fulfill the destination's travel requirements.

Once the user provides the relevant documents relating to the requirements, the app will verify the information to be correct. Upon confirmation, the user profile will be certified and ready for check-in.

Travelers may present their verified profile to an agent during check-in without the need for additional test verification.

Users are advised to download the app as early as possible before departure, as it may take up to six hours to validate travel documents.

Alaska AIrlines plane landing

Alaska’s Program

Use of the VeriFLY app will be available to Alaska customers arriving to the U.S.

The use of the app will be limited to one person per mobile device, and adults must attest for individuals under the age of 18 as minors are not eligible for VeriFLY.

The use of the app is completely voluntary and those deciding not to use the app may present the required documentation manually.

Alaska airlines is currently exploring the expansion of VeriFLY to other markets that have entry requirements.

American Airlines Expands Acceptance of VeriFLY App

Meanwhile, American Airlines is expanding its use of the VeriFLY app to eight countries.

The airline will provide use of the app for all international flights to the U.S., as well as direct and connecting flights from American’s domestic airports to: UK, Canada, Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

american airlines

Speaking on the expansion of VeriFLY, American’s Vice President of Customer Experience, Julie Rath stated:

“We are constantly looking at ways to make travel easier and simpler for our customers, and navigating testing requirements and validation is a big piece of that.  All of our airports will now accept customers’ testing verification via the VeriFLY app, which is a great expansion of our trial from MIA that began last fall. With more partners like British Airways and others across the industry expanding their acceptance of VeriFLY, we can further our common goal of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensure compliance with local regulations that have been put in place to protect our customers and team members.”

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Tuesday 9th of February 2021

So what does all this mean ? How does this speed anything up ? I assume they expect people to take these experimental potentially dangerous vaccines or is a covid test acceptable ?


Sunday 7th of February 2021

It's optional.

For now.

Dennis G

Sunday 7th of February 2021

So what do you do if your phone doesn't work in in the country your visiting and you can't get the app to come up.


Sunday 7th of February 2021

There needs to be a universal health pass verified and accepted by all carriers. These proprietary products just make things worse. Especially if a carrier decides you m7st have theirs to travel.