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Viral Student Packs 50 Clothes Items & 9 Pairs of Shoes Into ONE Bag

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A woman’s Twitter post has now gone viral after she fit an impressive number of her belongings in just the one bag. She spread everything out on the floor first which included over 50 clothing items and 9 pairs of shoes.

50 clothing items
(Photo: Elizabeth Childs - Twitter)

Elizabeth Childs, 19, was packing up her belongings to return back to Winston-Salem State University.

The business student tweeted pictures of her incredible packing skills on Tuesday, which has now received over 76,000 likes.

"I honestly have to say my secret to packing everything was down to the bag itself. There's a bottom compartment which I use to put my shoes in, then I roll my clothes instead of folding them - which I have now discovered is a military technique."

(Photo: Elizabeth Childs - Twitter)

After Twitter users questioned whether the bag would even do up, Childs posted a third photo with the luggage closed “Ima just drop this here since people keep asking to see it closed.”

Even after she posted photos of her closed luggage, Twitter users still doubted her packing skills and wanted to see the shoes actually in the bag. Childs responded with her fourth post, including a video of the shoes packed neatly in the bottom compartment. 

Childs claims she spent just 15-30 minutes packing the bag that is widely available on Amazon for $33.00. It's called the Travelers Club 30″ Adventure Double Compartment Rolling Duffel. 

Twitter users were astonshed with Childs packing skills with one comenter saying “What sorcery is this??” 

Another user wrote “Bag probably feels like a brick lol but you did ya thang!” 

Twitter users were also asking for a video tutorial on how she packed the bag. 

One said “You need to make a YouTube tutorial.”

Another commented: “Teach me how to pack because I be having 20 bags for two nights.”

There is no word if Childs will create the tutorial after enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. 

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