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Westjet Announces Summer flights to Vegas, Cancun, Orlando and LA

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As borders start to open up and more travel based restrictions are lifted, Canadian airline WestJet has announced their July flight schedule, which has some great international destinations on it. 

But…can Canadians travel right now?

The government of Canada has issued a ‘avoid all non-essential travel' advisory, but there is nothing in place that actually prevents a Canadian citizen from leaving the country.

However, with current government rules, if you DO decide to travel, you will be required to complete a 14-day quarantine by law once you return. 

Where WestJet is flying in July

Today Westjet announced they are resuming some of their previous routes down to popular American and Mexican cities, as they have seen a rise in demand.

Perhaps you can take that summer vacation after all. Here is where you can fly direct this July, should you so choose:

from Calgary

to Atlanta – 1x per week
to Los Angeles – 4x's per week
to Las Vegas – 4x's per week

New York New York Las Vegas Reopening

from Toronto

to New York – 6x's per week
to Cancun – 1x's per week
to Las Vegas – 2x's per week
to Orlando – 1x's per week

70,000 Tourists Have Traveled to Cancun Since Reopening

from Vancouver

to Los Angeles – 4x's per week
to Las Vegas – 2x's per week

Los Angeles USA Warmest place

In August Westjet is really gearing up the internation flights adding destinations like:

  • Puerto Vallarta from Vancouver
  • London, UK from Calgarty
  • Nassau, Bahamas from Toronto
  • and many more!

Are cities and tourist attractions open in the USA and Mexico?

Yes. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Universal Studios, Las Vegas, even the hotels in Cancun are all open or opening in July.

universal orlando

Wait, are Canadians allowed into the US for tourism?

Yes. Technically the USA never closed the air border with Canada, allowing Canadians to fly into the USA, but the land border remains closed. 

United States And Canada Border To Remain Closed To Non-Essential Travel

As for Mexico, Cancun and surrounding cities like Playa Del Carmen have officially re-opened for tourism and are allowing Canadian travelers. 

What if I book a flight and borders close again, or I don't feel safe travelling?

WestJet is giving passengers who book a flight a flexible change/cancel policy to help give confidence in planning a trip.

If COVID-19 affects your travel plan you can adjust with the following flexible change/cancel policy:

  • All new flight bookings made between March 3, 2020 and June 30, 2020 will be allowed a one-time change fee waiver.
  • The one-time fee waiver is available for any itinerary change or cancellation made more than 24 hours from departure.

Do I have to wear a mask to fly in July?

Yes. You will be required to wear a face mask at the airport, on your flight, and throughout every aspect of your travel day. 

The Canadian government also made temperature scans at the airport a mandatory protocol. 

travel masks

Are the planes being cleaned?

Westjet wants to ensure they do their best to ensure the health and safety of their passengers, so they have implimented many new sanitary protocols. Here is more info on their new cleanliness standards.

Swoop Air, WestJet's low cost airlines is also hoping to resume some of it's southern International flights for summer.

Disclaimer: The decision to travel is ultimately your choice and your responsibility. Contact your consulate and/or local authorities to confirm your nationality’s entry into any country before traveling. Travel Off Path does not endorse travelling against any travel advisories in place by local or foreign governments.