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Why Digital Nomads Love This Lesser Known Mexican Beach City

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As we grow up, many of us are told the path to take. Go to school, make good grades, graduate, and then go back to school yet again.

But where do our own personal dreams factor in? If someone told you it would be possible to live freely with a laptop, a passport and a few pairs of clothes, you have to weigh the option at least, right?

Beach in Mazatlan, Mexico

“Working from home” has taken the workforce by storm, much to the chagrin of closed-minded bosses. This new trend has resulted in digital nomadism, where workers simply pack their bags with a laptop in tow and set off to a fun destination of their choice.

For many, there is no better place than Mexico. It's close, it's cultural, and it's more affordable than staying in the States.

We all know the main destinations, such as Mexico City for a taste of the city life, or maybe Cancun for the ultimate beach getaway.

remote worker in tropical location

Mexico has so many more places that are perfect for digital nomads. In fact, one lesser-known beach city is up and coming in the digital nomad scene.

Throw Your Life Away, Kid

If you've been told to follow the path laid before you by the past generation, digital nomadism may not be for you if you bought into that philosophy.

Globetrotting remote workers are forging new paths and setting new trends by finding amazing places to call home. Next up is Mazatlan, Mexico.

colorful mazatlan sign

As Edna Gutierrez, the Marketing Director of the Tourism Board of Mazatlán said, “Digital nomads want to ‘work to live,’ as opposed to ‘live to work'.

More and more digital nomads, particularly Americans, are making their way to Mazatlan, a beautiful coastal city in the state of Sinaloa.

Yes, that Sinaloa. This trigger word hasn't deterred remote workers from coming here, and they are absolutely loving it.

In fact, locals reading this may be squirming knowing their beloved lesser-known treasure is being revealed to the public.

colorful buildings in mazatlan

What Makes Mazatlan Special

Mexico has been such a booming destination that it's harder to find hidden gems anymore. Oaxaca has been a trendy spot for its cultural experiences and history, but that's just it – it's trendy and known now.

There are few places left with true authenticity that tourists can experience. Mazatlan may not be a household name like Cabo, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of real Mexico.

Digital nomads are definitely onto something here, but locals in the know feel time may be ticking. Like any awesome travel discovery, it can become inundated with tourists, changing the entire experience of what once was to now what is.

lovers point in mazatlan

Beyond its gorgeous natural scenery and beaches, the heart of Mazatlan is its welcoming people and authentic culture.

Why Mazatlan Is A Draw For Digital Nomads

It's a bit too early to call Mazatlan a ‘digital nomad hub', but it's definitely on the radar. Real ‘hubs' like world-renowned beach destinations Cancun and Playa del Carmen see their fair share of digital nomads.

However, many want new experiences and a cheaper cost of living. Mazatlan holds its own in terms of scenic beaches, and some say it's like you're on vacation at all times here.

digital nomad working at beach location

Places like this are oftentimes expensive, but Mazatlan is one of the most affordable destinations in Mexico for long-term stays.

Plus, the city center is super easy to get around with Uber and their version of a tuk-tuk, which are essentially quirky golf cart taxis, if you will.

There are many awesome photo-worthy sites, such as Lover's Point and the hike to El Faro, to show off you're in living the dream in paradise.

Perhaps most important to digital nomads is knowing you're able to get your work done. Otherwise, your paycheck may come to a screeching halt!

internet speed in mazatlan

The city is equipped with extremely fast internet, including 5G speeds. In common tourist areas, such as downtown and the Malecon, visitors can expect download speeds upward of 500 Mbps.

The good news is you can complete your work tasks in a timely fashion; the bad news is no more sneaking off to the beach while pretending the wi-fi is spotty.

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