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Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit This Iconic Caribbean Island

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While there’s really no bad time to book a dreamy Caribbean getaway, those looking to get the most bang for their buck could benefit a lot from timing their visit right.

Luckily for those impatient to escape the gray skies and freezing cold, the best time to go to some of the region’s most coveted hotspots might be just a couple of weeks away.

woman on a luxury infinity pool

Take Jamaica, for example.

The stunning island nation that’s expecting a record-breaking number of visitors this winter is not only home to some of the Caribbean’s dreamiest beaches and richest traditions but also one of the most easily accessible tropical destinations right now.

And though people have been flocking to Jamaica in unprecedented numbers up until now, the truth of the matter is that the perfect time to experience the iconic island has yet to come.

Here’s why you’ll want to plan your trip in January or February instead:

Airfare To Jamaica Is At Its Cheapest

When it comes to flying overseas, airfare costs are one of the main factors to affect your travel budget, subsequently affecting the quality of the overall experience.

view of a young woman on an airport

During January and February, though, flight costs to Jamaica are set to reach their annual low, according to Skyscanner’s search tool.

If you’re thinking about visiting the Caribbean island this January, for example, you’ll be looking at a $199 round-trip ticket, while in February, prices are predicted to fall even more, with airfare dropping to its yearly low of $190.

In comparison, those who’ve traveled to Jamaica during the holidays will tell you that plane tickets started at roughly $516 for a round-trip, which marks a significant 171.58% increase – imagine how much better it would be to spend that extra $326 on local experiences or even a room upgrade.

Falmouth Jamaica

However, since winter is widely known as the “high season” across the Caribbean, how come airfare is at its cheapest now?

Well, it’s worth remembering that most of that winter traffic comes from December, especially from Christmas and New Year’s travelers.

The notably reduced demand during the post-holiday season pushes airlines to lower their prices so they can still take advantage of the peak season by drawing in as many flyers as possible, thus, giving you the opportunity to revel in Jamaica’s beauty without breaking the bank.

Aerial view of St.Ann's Bay Jamaica

The Weather Is Ideal

The reason why so many travelers wait for winter to embark on their Caribbean getaway is that right now, the weather is at its best.

Between the scorching heat of spring and summer and the heavy rainfall of autumn, those looking to get the most out of the world-renowned beaches have no choice but to put off their plans until now.

Jamaica Beach

Average temperatures in Jamaica during January and February range between 77°F and 88°F (25°C and 31°C), creating the perfect climate for sunbathing, water sports, and even sightseeing excursions.

There’s A Lot To See And Do

While there’s no shortage of iconic attractions in Jamaica that can be enjoyed year-round (which you can learn more about here), January and February come with a unique set of sights that can’t really be replicated any other month of the year.

Raft in Jamaica

Right now, the local flora is entering its blooming phase, adorning Jamaica with a vibrant burst of flowers, of which, the national symbol, Lignum Vitae, is the one to look out for.

These months also mark the peak of the whale-watching season in Jamaica, offering lucky visitors the rare opportunity to witness the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat, commonly seen in coastal areas such as the shores of Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.

Island Peninsula in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you happen to miss some of the colorful events held in early January, like the Accompong Maroon Festival, don’t worry.

Taking a guided tour through the local coffee plantations and savoring freshly brewed cups of Jamaica's Blue Mountain coffee amidst breathtaking views should make up for it.

Music aficionados will also have the time of their lives in Jamaica this time of year.

In January, you can experience the world-class Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, whereas February, officially recognized as Reagge Month in the country, will come with various events and concerts that pay homage to the legendary genre.

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Friday 5th of January 2024

Taxes and fees on a ticket to Akamai a is $148.00 there are therefore no $>$199 tickets. Hotels and bill rates are also much higher in winter and early spring than fall. Do some research.


Friday 5th of January 2024

Sorry you’re wrong $700 to Montego Bay Jamaica in February