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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit This Beautiful East Asian Destination

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If you’re looking for a destination that is beautiful but a little off the beaten path then there’s never been a better time to visit Taiwan.

While tourism is a big industry in Taiwan, historically most visitors to the country come from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. This makes sense geographically!

In 2019, only just over 600,000 American travelers chose to visit Taiwan. This was the year with the highest number of American tourists in the country.

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit This Beautiful East Asian Destination

But Taiwan is a country that has so much to offer its tourists.

Here’s why now is the perfect time to visit this beautiful East Asian destination:

A Lack Of Tourists

Tourists from mainland China historically visited Taiwan in droves.

Pre-pandemic, over 2.7 million Chinese tourists a year visited the country, making China the number one country of origin for tourists in Taiwan.

Liuhe night market Taiwan

But tourists from mainland China are still being denied entry to the country, meaning that Taiwan is left with a huge gap in its tourism market.

This might not be good news for the Taiwanese economy, but it is good news for tourists who don’t want to fight for space at every attraction.

You can explore the Taroko National Park, climb the steps of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and wander around the National Palace Museum with room to move and think.

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Kaohsiung's famous tourist attractions

It’s an incredibly peaceful time to visit Taiwan right now.

Sare For U.S Visitors

If you’re looking for a country that is considered safe for American travelers then there is no better place to visit than Taiwan.

Taiwan receives the lowest level of travel advisory for U.S. Citizens. This sits at Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions and was last reviewed on July 11.

Taiwan is an extremely safe country for foreign visitors as well as local residents.

Top view of Jiufen Old Street in Taipei Taiwan

Crime rates in the country are very low, and there is minimal street crime, though you should be aware of pickpockets just as you would in any country, including your own.

In health terms Taiwan is also a safe country for U.S. visitors, and the U.S. State Department states that no vaccinations are required to visit.

Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends travelers to Taiwan are vaccinated against Hepatitis A simply as a safety measure.

Welcoming To Solo And Female Travelers

Taiwan is also considered to be an incredibly safe country for solo travelers and female travelers.

Wanhua Longshan Temple in Taipei, Taiwan

Travelers of all kinds, including solo and female travelers, are made to feel safe and welcome in the country. Because of the lack of Chinese visitors, the Taiwan government has gone out of its way to ensure that other travelers are welcomed in the country.

Fast and free wifi is easy to access in Taiwan, and travelers are encouraged to set up shop and use their laptops when they stop in restaurants and coffee shops. This makes it easier to share your travel plans with friends and family back home.

And because many Taiwanese people speak English, if you do get stuck or lost then you won’t have a language barrier to contend with when you’re looking for someone to point you in the right direction.

taiwan street with lanterns

And because American travelers don’t need a tourist visa to enter Taiwan for stays of less than 90 days, it is an incredibly easy country to visit too!

Taiwan Is Beautiful In Fall

Fall is widely considered to be the best season to visit Taiwan. The months from September to November offer the perfect combination of cool and dry weather, which is perfect for sightseeing and exploring.

The late spring and summer months in Taiwan can be unbearably hot and humid while the winters can be cold, although not as severe as in Japan or China.

Fall leaves in checheng timber pond, nantou, taiwan

In the fall you can enjoy the famous Taiwanese hot springs, and enjoy the color of the fall leaves. November and December are the driest months of the year and also the windiest.

This means if you want to visit the Penghu Islands for the famous windsurfing, this is the best time to visit.

Fall is the best time to visit Taiwan if you want to explore the great outdoors, but it is also a great time for spending time in the cities of Taichung and Taipei and spending your evenings indulging in the delicious local street food markets.

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Saturday 16th of September 2023

The writer is accurate in most part. Taiwan is a beautiful country and very safe...safer than USA and EU combined. Food and sceneries are definitely the attractions for visitors. As for behind in tourism because of less chinese visitors is's quite the vice versa, Taiwan was opened to chinese visitors for 8 years but it became a problem of over populated loud and dirty chinese visitors. Pandemic has caused stagnant in visitors but picked up again since it was lifted last year. Fall/autumn is very comfortable and suitable for travel, best time for street food and rural scenic sites. It's also not expensive to visit as long as stay away from large restaurants. They're large differences culturally and sceneries between North and South of the country and it would require more than a month to visit the country properly.