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Why Solo Travelers Will Love This Lesser Known City In Mexico

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Mexico is one of the most popular countries on the planet for tourism, yet there are so many destinations that get overlooked.

While many travelers head to the stunning coastlines of Mexico, there are still hidden gems to discover away from the beautiful beaches.

Mexico City is no secret to travelers; Oaxaca has become a hub for digital nomads, but what about the lesser-known city of Aguascalientes?

Building in Mexico with a blue sky

Have you heard of it? If not, this lovely city is located just north of the cultural cities of Guadalajara and Guanajuato.

While any traveler will fall in love with this relatively unknown city, solo travelers may be the perfect fit.

Let's take a look at why this cultural treasure should top your list for your next Mexican getaway:

It's Safe For Tourists

Mexico as a whole can get a bad rap in the news. Sometimes, one rare instance can take over headlines and make travelers question if Mexico is right for them.

View of a sign in mexico

However, that would be like looking at a murder in Boston and saying you can't visit San Diego. It just doesn't make sense.

Most tourists in Mexico return home unscathed, bragging about how amazing their trip was. That's the norm, not what you may see on TV or read in mainstream news headlines.

Many destinations in Mexico are perfectly safe to visit. Not to say travelers shouldn't have a heightened sense of awareness no matter where they go.

Aguascalientes should not raise any red flags in terms of safety. The U.S. State Department issued a new travel advisory for Mexico last month.

female solo traveler in mexico

Aguascalientes holds the same standing as some of Mexico's most popular tourist destinations, such as Cancun, Mexico City, and Los Cabos.

Insane Affordability

Solo travelers tend to be on a budget. Not many travelers flying solo are staying at the Four Seasons. Here in Aguascalientes, it is truly one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the country.

While digital nomads have fallen in love with Mexico due in large part to the affordable stays, Aguascalientes may take the trophy.

empty cobblestone street in aguascalientes

It's not uncommon to find comfortable accommodations under $400 per month. Feel free to wipe your eyes as much as you need to, but yes, you read that right!

Solo travelers who spend a month here can expect a total monthly budget under $900, which is almost unheard of.

This includes a comfortable apartment in a centrally-located area, dining out on occasion, groceries, and transport costs, such as Uber.

As off-the-beaten-path as Aguascalientes is, it's not surprising to discover the city only has a few hostels.

vibrant street of auguascalientes

Finding an affordable rental may be your best option for saving money while having more space.

The Best Value For A Cultural Experience

Travelers will save a ton of money by making Aguascalientes their next Mexican getaway, but its not like it's some podunk town with nothing to see.

Set near 2 of the country's most cultural cities, of course, Aguascalientes is a place to immerse yourself in its beautiful traditions.

Not only is this lesser-known city super affordable, it is actually the best bang for your buck. According to a GoBankingRates study, there is no better place in Mexico to spend your money.

female traveler at mexican street market

The city is a little off the beaten path, yet still easy to reach. Once here, you can easily take advantage of cheap traditional food, shop at local artisan markets, and take in stunning historic architecture.

Not to mention, it is home to the largest fair in all of Latin America!

Bring Your Laptop

Solo travelers who want to get some work done on the road will have no trouble doing so here. Whether staying at one of the affordable accommodations with reliable Wi-Fi or opting to reserve a virtual office at one of the plethora of co-working spaces, this is the place for you.

Not to mention the many cafes with patios perfect for people watching to take in all the sights and sounds of this highly underrated Mexican city.

female digital nomad with laptop

While not all solo travelers have a remote job, Aguascalientes is perfectly suited for the digital nomad lifestyle as well.

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